How many btu in one MM-BTU?

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What is a BTU?

hi ashley The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a unit of energy used in the United States. It is also still occasionally encountered in the UK, in the context of older heating and cooling systems. In most other areas, it has been replaced by the SI unit of energy, the joule (J). A Btu is de (MORE)

How many btu?

It takes 970 B.T.U.s to change one pound of water to steam at any temperature. When water evaporates from your skin, from a glass or swimming pool at room temperature it takes with it 970 B.T.U.s per pound of water. It is not necessary for water to be heated to 212F to evaporate. Whenever water evap (MORE)

How many watts are in a BTU?

1 watt is 3.41 btu per hour. You'll often see "btu" as a shorthand for btus per hour. For example on a propane heater I just bought the package says "3000 btus." what that really means is 3000 btu/h or about 880 watts. Another Answer A watt is the SI unit for power . The BTU (British Th (MORE)

How many BTUs are in a square meter?

Answer Save A square meter of what? A BTU is a unit of energy, so the question can't be answered without more information. I try to calculate as per following: Roughly Btu's per sq.ft is 30.25. Since 1 square foot = 0.09290304 meters squared and can easily be calculated as Btu's per sq. (MORE)

One BTU is equal to how many degrees?

One BTU is equal to one degree Fahrenheit in the sense that it oneBTU is the amount of heat required to raise a pound of water'stemperature by 1 Degree Fahrenheit. BTU is short for Britishthermal unit.

How many watts in one BTU?

.293083235638 according to Answer As the watt is used to measure power , and the BtU is used to measure energy , your question is meaningless. It's like asking "How many miles per hour are there in one mile?"

How many BTU are in a pound of propane?

1 gallon of Propane ~= 4.23 lbs ~= 91500 Btus 1 lbs of Propane ~=22000 Btus 20 lb tank of propane holds approx 4 gallons of propane (approx 366000 BTUs) Hope this helps/ .

How many btu are in a gallon of propane?

Type your answer here... there are around 91,600 BTUs in a gallon of propane. The standard BBQ sized bottle of propane contains 11 pounds of propane. Propane weighs about 4.2 pounds per gallon, so that 11 pounds of propane is about 2.5 gallons in its liquid state. That means there is 91,600 BTUs/ (MORE)

How many watts in 5200 btu?

0.29308323563892147 watts per btu there for 5200 btu = 1524.0328253223915 watts. 1 watt=3.412Btu/hr. 1 Btu=the amount of energy needed to heat 1 Lb of water 1 degree.. A gallon of water weighs aprox. 8 Lbs.

How many watt in btu?

948 BTUs = 1 watt for 1 million seconds, or 1 million watts for 1 second, or 1 kilowatt for 1,000 seconds. 1 BTU = 1 watt for 1054.8 seconds, or 1054.8 watts for 1 second 1 watt = 3.4128 BTU per hour 1 BTU per hour = 0.293 watts

How many Btus are in a calorie?

\n1 BTU = 251.9968 Calories\n. \nSee Link \n. \n\n. \nIt appears that there are two types of Calories.\nSee this link:\n. \n

How many btu are in a gallon of gasoline?

It depends on the formulation of the gasoline (for example how much ethanol is added), but it's about 114,000 BTU {see GGE table in related Wikipedia link}. GGE is a National Institute of Standards term used to help compare different fuel energy capacities.

How many BTU in a cord of firewood?

A Full cord of Hardwood will vary from 14,000,000 to 21,000,000 BTU's depending upon species, Black locust and hickory will produce 21,000,000 BTU's per full cord

How many BTU does it take to freeze one pound of water?

Assuming the water is already at freezing temperature, and we need only convert its state from a liquid to a solid: . the latent heat of fusion of water is 334 Kj per Kg. 334 Kj per Kg is 143 BTU per pound. Therefore, it takes 143 BTUs to freeze one pound of water.

How many kw is 80000 btu?

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is an amount of energy. kW, or kiloWatt, is an amount of power, which is a measure of how fast energy is used or produced, similar to horsepower. Converting BTU to kW is like converting miles per hour to feet: they are not the same type of unit. That said, 80,000 (MORE)

How many btu you need?

For what? And why are you still using British Thermal Units -aren't they rather archaic?

How many btus per watt?

948 BTUs = 1 watt for 1 million seconds, or 1 million watts for 1 second. 1 BTU = 1 watt for 1054.8 seconds, or 1054.8 watts for 1 second 1 watt = 3.4128 BTU per hour Using: 10 6 joules = Average of (International Table) and (ISO) = 948 BTU

How many tons is 36000 btu?

A ton is a measure of mass. A BTU is a measure of energy. There is no way to compare them. Possible meaning: 1 ton of cooling is often used to describe 12,000 BTU per hour, so 36,000 BTU/h is equal to 3 tons of cooling.

How many btu in a 220 heater?

First you need to find out how many amps the heater draws. Then use this formula: Volts (220) X Amps = Watts Then take: Watts x 3.41214 = Btu/hr

How many btus in a kw?

BTU is a measure of energy, while kW is a measure of power. But100,000 BTU per hour is the same as 29 kW.

10kw equals how many btu?

This is an apples and oranges comparison, so it cannot be made. (No matter how many apples you have, you have no oranges, and vice verse.) 10 kw is an energy flow rate. Every second 10,000 watts are {created | used | whatever}. A BTU {British Thermal Unit} is a fixed amount of energy. Not every seco (MORE)

How many btu in 1 ton?

Assuming you are referring to air conditioning, and not a ton of coal or a ton of plutonium, then 1 ton of air conditioning equivalent = 12 000 BTU.

How many BTUs in a megawatt?

None. They are used to measure two different quantities. The BTU isused to measure energy while the megawatt is used to measure power.Two different units for measuring two different quantities. A Megawatt-hour is a measure of energy that is equivalent to about3.45 million BTUs. Or 1 Megawatt is equ (MORE)

How many btu in one cubic meter?

Btu and cubic meter are two different measuring units. Btu is the unit for heat transmission, like in ac units 12000 btu/hr. It means this ac unit would remove 12000 btu of heat from the room in one hour. where as cubic meter is the unit for volume.

How many BTU per bath?

Standard bath is taken to be 20 gallons at 8.35 pounds per gallon and 60 degrees F of heating = 10,000 BTU per bath in round numbers, assuming 100% efficiency water heating.

How many BTU per shower?

Standard shower is taken to be 10 gallons at 8.35 pounds per gallon and 60 degrees F of heating = 5,000 BTU per shower in round numbers, assuming 100% efficiency water heating.

How many btu is 300 degrees?

This is not a valid question. Btu is a quantity of thermal energy, 300 degrees is a temperature, not a quantity of energy

How many BTU are needed to evaporate one liter of water?

Quick Answer: About 2,139 BTU/litre at the normal boiling point. Long answer: It depends on the temperature and pressure of the water you start with. Before you can evaporate the water, you must heat it to it's boiling point. The warmer the water you start with the fewer BTUs will be needed to he (MORE)

How many cubic inches in one btu?

"Cubic inch" is a unit of volume of space. "BTU" or "British Thermal Unit" is a unit of energy. The two units have different physical dimensions, they're used to describe measurements of completely different quantities, and neither one can be converted into the other one. The question is equiv (MORE)

How many btu per horsepower?

There are no BTUs per horsepower. A British Thermal Unit is an archaic unit of measurement of energy , whereas a horsepower is an archaic unit of measurement for power . As energy and power are two different quantities, you question is akin to asking, "How many miles are there in a mile per (MORE)

How many amps for 12000 btu?

The Amps means the volume of flow of electricity. The Amps depends on its BTU (British Thermal Unit). BTU is the unit to measure the energy that is consumed to perform some Air Conditioner . 12000 BTU Air conditioners uses 5 to 6 Amps. 18000 BTU Air conditioners uses 9 to 10 Amps. 12000 BTU a (MORE)

How many BTU equal one AMP?

While heat can easily be converted to Watts, you would not be able to determine the heat conversion if given just the amps.

How many btu are in an hour?

You are comparing apples and oranges. BTU's are a measure of heating capacity and hours are a measure of time.

Where can one find a BTU calculator?

One can find a BTU calculator on Calulator dot net. On this site, one just enters the room specifications, the temperature one wants to increase or decrease, and then presses calculate.