How many btu in one MM-BTU?

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One BTU is equal to how many degrees?

One BTU is equal to one degree Fahrenheit in the sense that it oneBTU is the amount of heat required to raise a pound of water'stemperature by 1 Degree Fahrenheit. BTU is shor

How many watts in one BTU?

.293083235638 according to Answer As the watt is used to measure power , and the BtU is used to measure energy , your question is meaningless. It's li

How many btu in one cubic meter?

Btu and cubic meter are two different measuring units. Btu is the unit for heat transmission, like in ac units 12000 btu/hr. It means this ac unit would remove 12000 btu of
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How many cubic inches in one btu?

"Cubic inch" is a unit of volume of space. "BTU" or "British Thermal Unit" is a unit of energy. The two units have different physical dimensions, they're used to describe
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How many BTU equal one AMP?

While heat can easily be converted to Watts, you would not be able to determine the heat conversion if given just the amps.