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How many calories burned doing house work?

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This is a great chart. Also to find how much you can eat and still lose weight use this: To calculate your daily calorie limit in order to lose weight, follow this formula. Take your target weight, multiply it by 4.35 and add 655. Take your height in inches and multiply it by 4.32. Take your age and multiply it by 4.7. Subtract the age total from the height total, then add the new total to your weight total. This number represents the amount of calories you can consume each day and still drop pounds Type of housework Calories burned per half-hour Doing laundry 73 Making the bed 68 Cooking 85 Washing the dishes 78 Ironing 78 Dusting 85 Sweeping 112 Vacuuming 119 Scrubbing the floors 129 Rearranging furniture 204 Yard work 170 Washing windows 102 Washing the car 102 Gardening 136 Mowing the lawn 187 Raking 146 Shoveling snow 204 Carrying a small child (up to 15 lbs.) up and down stairs 289
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How many calories are burned doing nothing?

The number of calories that are burned doing nothing, also known as one's "metabolism", differs for each person but an average adult burns 2000 calories a day. You can increas

How many calories are burned doing yoga?

  Yoga doesn't burn calories, it only add flexibility. It also influence on reducing stress and depression levels. Definitely worth doing without burning our extra calorie

How many calories do you burn doing cardio work out for 10 min?

  The loss of calories in an individual is totally depends on the nature of work of an individual.When we are doing a cardio workout we should remember that the cardio exe

How many calories burned doing elliptical?

It depends on a variety of factors, including your age, weight, current fitness level, how high the resistance on the elliptical machine is set, how fast you are going... Just

How many calories do you burn doing aquasize?

it's unknown but you do lose a lot of weight! trust me my mom did it and she burnt soo much calories and lost so much weight in one week! i mean she is 50 years old, so if she

How many calories are burned doing aerobics?

Depends on how hard you go at it, and how long you keep doing them. And your age, and your gender, and your fitness level. Anything between 300-600 can be expected.
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How many calories do you burn when doing canoeing?

When it comes to burning calories, how hard and for how long is  much more important than what you do. Pretty much all activities  that gives you the same increase in heart