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How many cornflakes are in a box of Kellogs Corn Flakes?

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Is kellogs frosted flakes gluten free?

No. They contain gluten (wheat flour). If you wish to eat cereal, please look for specifically labeled gluten free cereals. Rice Krispies now have a gluten free version, but o

What vitamins are in corn flakes?

Vitamin a and vitamin b.

Does corn flakes have gluten in it?

Yes it does. The only gluten free cereals would be rice chex, corn chex and honey nut chex. There are specialty cereals that are good too, like Bakery on Main street.

What is the name of the rooster on boxes of Kellogg's Corn Flakes?

Cornelius Rooster, the ubiquitous green rooster created by Rena Ames Harding, was created in 1957. Harding worked for the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency. Her creation has been

How many calories in one cup of Corn Flakes?

  1 cup of cornflakes with milk contains 150 calorie but 1 cup of cornflakes without milk is 80 calorie