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How many cubic yards of sand in one ton of coal?

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If it is good coal there should not be any sand
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How many yards of sand in a ton?

A cubic yard is a measure of volume (length in feet X width in feet X depth in feet/27=cubic yards) and tons is a measure of weight. The weight of a material depends on its d

How many tons are in a cubic yard?

Insufficient data to answer, a cubic yard is a measure of volume (3feet x 3feet x 3feet); whereas a ton is a measure of mass/weight (2000 pounds). Different materials have dif

How many cubic yards are in one ton of traffic bond?

  This web site has a calculator to determine how many cu yards and tons one needs of limestone "traffic bond". http://www.rwmillerandsons.com/prod04.htm Using that calc

How many tons in a cubic yard of sand?

Approximately one ton, it depends how dry it is, and can depend on the kind of sand it is, but generally you figure about a ton. A cubic yard of water weighs 1,674 lbs. , or 6
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How many square yards in one ton of sand?

That depends entirely on what kind of sand how deep you spread it. As an approximation, you could assume a bulk density for dry sand of about 110 lb/ft3. One ton (2000 lb) of
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How many cubic meters of sand for one ton?

Using building sand density @ 110 pounds per cubic foot (1.762 tonne per cubic metre) > volume = mass / density volume = 1 / 1.762 = 0.5675 cubic metres > Note: if you have a