How many districts are there in Meghalaya?

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There are a total of Seven(7) Districts in Meghalaya, They are:

East Khasi Hills, Shillong
West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin
Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh
Jaintia Hills, Jowai
East Garo Hills, Williamnagar
West Garo Hills, Tura
South Garo Hills, Baghmara
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Why has Meghalaya named as such?

The word "Meghalaya" literally means "The Abode of Clouds". Meghalaya is a small state in north-eastern India The climate of Meghalaya is moderate but humid, the average annua
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How many sub district magistrate in a district?

No fixed number. It depends from State to State, and within the State the districts. Normally there are 3 SDM's per district; yet some districts of Jharkhand like Dhanbad h