How many eyes does an octopus have?

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An octopus has two eyes. Each one is highly developed and and has excellent vision. It forms 3-dimensional images, and is believed to have color vision. It is very much like the human eye in its form and construction, but more efficient than a humans. It has a wide field of clear vision and has good resolution and sensitivity.
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Difference between human eye and octopus eye?

The Octopus's eye has a Retina, a Cornea, an Iris and a Lens. The rod and cone cells of the octopus point toward the incoming light Octopus's do not have a blind spo

An octopus has 8 tentacles How many hearts does an octopus have?

An octopus has three hearts in its mantle (head-like structure). 2 pump blue blood to the gills that then deposits waste in the blood at the gills then the cleaned blood is pu

How many offspring to octopus have?

There is strong variation among species. A typical octopus female will lay 200000 eggs, but only a very small number will live past the larval stage.
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Is the eye of a common octopus a vestigial trait?

No! The eye of the octopus is a highly adaptive trait and better than the human eye because the nerves that go to the brain are not in the way of the retina as is the case in
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Are eyes of octopus evidence that humans and octopus are related?

yes, it is possible that a squid is in a long line of species with certain types of eyeballs called estnostrophnyths (es-no-strop-ni-ths). This means that they aren't color bl