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How many feet will a car travel at 50 mph?

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50 miles per hour is 50 * 5280 (feet per mile) per hour = 264000 feet per hour and then, depending on how long a time period you're interested in...you could just divide the 264000 feet per hour by 60 to find the distance in feet per minute...then divide that again by 60 to find the distance in feet per second.

A car will travel 264000 feet per hour at 50 mph.

264000 feet per hour / 60 minutes per hour = 4400 feet per minute

264000 feet per hour / 3600 seconds per hour = 73.33 feet per second
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How many feet does a car travel at 50 mph?

That depends upon for how long it is moving: Every day it will travel 50 miles/hr x 5280 ft/mile x 24 hr/day = 6336000 ft/day Every hour it will travel 6336000 ft/day ÷ 2