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How many gallons are in an Olympic size swimming pool?

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This question is not easily answered because Olympic size only refers to the width and length, not depth. So variation in depth can greatly affect the answer. I happened to do maintainance for a university olympic sized pool years ago. It was 3 ft or 1m at the shallow end an 12ft or 4m at the deep end. It came in at just under 1/2 million gallons.
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How many gallons of water are in an Olympic swimming pool?

About 660,000 gallons Dimensions of a regular Olympic-sized swimming pool are 2 meters deep, 25 meters wide, and 50 meters long. 25 x 50 = 1,2501,250 x 2 = 2,500So that mean

How many Olympic-sized swimming pools are in the UK?

There are five pools that meet all Olympic standards, being 50m by 25m, in Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow and Sunderland. Four more are under construction in Bangor, Birmi

How many gallons of water in olympic swimming pool?

depends on how big the swimming pool is An Olympic swimming pool is a standard size so you must take the legnth times the width times the depth and convert the cubic yards to