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How many gallons of water would fit into a swimming pool that is 10 ft by 10 ft?

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More information is needed to calculate the volume of water in a pool this size.
Here is thhe formula so you can fillin the blanks and do the math yourself:
Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Volume
L X W X AD = V
10 X 10 ___ = V
To obtain AD measure the depth of the water at on end of the pool and also at the other end of the pool. Add the two numbers together, then divide by two to get your average. Use this number in the formula for AD.
Complete the multiplication and you will have your water volume.
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How many gallons of water in a 12x20x4 ft pool?

  1 cubic foot contains 6 and one quarter UK gallons.   So in a pool 12 X 20 x 4 feet there will be   12 x 20 x 4 x 6 1/4 gallons or 6000 UK gallons   A US gallon

How many gallons are in a 24 in. by 10 ft. inflatable pool?

  Answer   Okay, I like math problems. This one is easy:     First we have to get everything in the same units so it's     2 ft. x 10 ft. = ?   

How many gallons of water in 15 ft diameter pool?

you can find the area of the bottom of your pool by multiplying the radius or half the diameter by itself and then multiplying that by pi the formula for area of a circle is a

How many gallons of water is in a 16 ft by 4 ft pool?

A round 16-foot wide pool that is four feet deep holds about 6,000 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water are in a 33 ft round pool?

A 33-foot round pool with 4 feet of water contains about 25,700 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water in a 480 sq Ft swimming pool?

We have no way of knowing that. It's really going to depend on how deep the water is. For example ... -- If the water averages 6-ft deep, then there are 21,544 gallons o

How many gallons of water in a round 4 ft deep by 18 ft pool?

area of a circle equals pi * radius so 3.14 * 9ft * 9ft = 254.34 square ft 254.34 square ft * 4 ft deep = 1017.36 cubic ft since there are 7.48 gallons in 1 cubic ft of water,

How many gallons of water are in a 30 ft round swimming pool?

Cannot be answered with only these measurements. You need to specify what shape the pool is. Also, for a rectangular pool, the length, width and depth are needed. For a round