How many high schoolers skip school everyday?

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On average about 250 per state
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How do you skip a year in high school?

bassically you have to prove that your really talented with high aspirations, you have to ace each subject and have the desire to go to oxford ( cambridge will doo too !)

That ninth graders should be out in a school with high schoolers?

no idon't think 9th graders and high school children should be together someone please let me know because my baby is going to high school and I'm just kind of scared for her

Can you skip high school and go to college?

Probably not. It's a big part of your education, it's where you choose the path you will take for the rest of your life. Some people have but that is very rare. --------
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How many high schoolers will become astronomers?

In North America, the percentages are VERY small. According to the American Astronomical Society, about 150 positions open for astronomers each year. This compares to 3.4 mill
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Why do high school students skip class?

High school students skip class because a class may be boring to the student, to finish homework or the course material is challenging. Plans to go out with friends and a lack