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How many horses died in the civil war?

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Horses were a common death in the Civil War because officers would ride them and when a enemy fired they would aim for the horse because the horse was giving support to the officer so there were alot of horse deaths. Union horse deaths: 32,600 Confederate horse deaths: 45,798
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How many died in the US Civil War?

Roughly about 500,000 According to Wikipedia, during the American Civil War, 1861-1865, 3,164,000 people served their countries, 2,100,000 from the Union and 1,064,000 from th

How many peopel died in the Civil War?

No one really knows how many people really died in the civil war. An estimated number of people from both sides, the Confederate and the Union is about 600,000 people, which m

How many generals died in the civil war?

About 5 Union General deaths and 9 Confederate General deaths A lot more than 14 generals. Just Google how many generals died in the civil war. Sites give list of names and o

How many horses were lost in the Civil War?

  I don't know if there are any reliable or consistent records on horse deaths in the civil war, however my guess is that it would easily be in the tens of thousands.

How many soldier died in the civil war?

Approximately 650,000 soldiers died fighting in the Civil War. About one-third died in battle and two-thirds died from diseases that plagued the army camps. In addition, ten

How many caucasians died in the civil war?

No one can say exactly, but almost all the soldiers who died were Caucasians. No one can even say exactly how many men were in either army, north or south, nor how many died.