How many horses make a herd?

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When horses of about six or more gather together, that is considered a herd. Horse herds can have as many as 200 horses in them in the wild. Most herds have about 45 horses in them with a lead mare and a lead stallion.
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How many horses are in a herd?

Herd of animal is define by a large group of that can vary. Free-roaming mustang can be seen in the west, they can be around 15-20 horses Actually horses are her

How many turtles make a herd?

None. The various collective nouns that are used for a group of turtles are: a turn, a duke, or a bale of turtles.

Are horses herds?

No, horses are not herds, they are animals, but they do live in herds, and do not hold up well when left without a herd, even if this herd is only 1 other animal.

How many animals make up a herd?

A herd is a large gathering of 1 type of particular animal. As longas there are a few animals, that makes up a herd. There is noparticular number to make up a herd.
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How many animals make a herd?

A herd is loosely defined as a large group of animals. It wouldgenerally be accepted that animals in a group of 3 or more is aherd.
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What does a herd of horses do?

They provide each other with grooming, warmth, protection, companions, mates and many other things.