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How many hours by law do you have to cancel an order for custom furniture?

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In most state you have three days to cancel a contract. The fact that it is custom made might be different though. There should be some wording in your sales contract concerning cancellations and penalties.
The cancelation period only applies if the salesman initiated the sale by knocking on your door or approaching you. If you sought out the furniture salesman or maker and signed a contract then there may be no cancellation period unless it is written into the contract. Deal with reputable furniture makers and consider carefully before you sign a contract. http://www.CustomMade.com  
Contract law can vary from state to state and there is no general rule where you can say that you have 3 days to cancel the contract. In some states, there might be a specific law that applies to a specific type of contract. You need to read the terms of the agreement you signed and see an attorney in your state if you have any questions.
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