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How many households in the us have microwaves?

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94.63% of the population has one microwave at least. 8.5% have two or more.
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How many households are there in the US?

    Answer     2007 estimate: 111,162,259     2008 estimate: 112,362,848     2009 estimate: 113,567,967     2010 estimate: 114,825,4

How many watts does a microwave use?

Find the nameplate rating it will say volts amperes watts frequency model number If watts is not on there watts= volts divided by amperes . for your estimated watts
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How many tables are in a US household?

Aproximately 7 tables in a one story house, and about 13 tables in a two story house...If you are in a mansion well you have a ton of tables!

How many households in the us by state?

Alaska - 311,201 Alabama - 2,182,088 Arizona - 2,864,335 Arkansas - 1,324,369 California - 13,720,462 Colorado - 2,224,603 Connecticut - 1,494,019 Delaware - 409