How many iphone users worldwide?

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1China725,3582United States10,683,4033Brazil219,3394Russian Federation246,4215Japan1,378,9036Mexico215,3267Germany1,117,7168France2,248,8179United Kingdom2,551,12810Italy648,71811Korea, Republic of530,23512Spain377,34613Poland72,11414Canada919,07415Taiwan174,22616Australia1,207,42817Netherlands372,53918Czech Republic42,75319Hungary33,21920Sweden281,62221Austria156,32222Switzerland399,36423Hong Kong299,72024Denmark151,42625Singapore402,92226Norway154,218
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How many Linux users are there worldwide?

the linuxcounetr shows : At 13/07/2012 09:50am, there are 132,975 users and 93,716 machines registered. linuxcounter guess at the number of Linux users:61,127,934 World p
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How many Android users worldwide by countries?

A graphic chart of percent share in various countries can be seen by clicking the Graphic... link under Sources and related links below. More information by following the M