How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon black?

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According to my sources level 100
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How many steps does it take to level up daycare Pokemon?

(NOTE: To get in the Desert you need Go-Goggles, so the sand doesn't bother your eyes.). You need an Acro Bike from Mauville City in order for this to work. Those are GRE

How do you level up my Pokemon on chaos black?

to level up your Pokemon walk through grass. eventually you will get attacked. fight and win. you will get exp. when a Pokemon gets enough exp, it will level up. for more info

How do get your Pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon black?

there is one good way i know that is easy and u don't have to do anything. step 1) put the Pokemon that u want to level up in the daycare. step 2) go to nimbasa city and g

How do you level up quickly in Pokemon black?

the ways i now are either when you see a bit of grass shaking there will be a pokemon if you battle it and win you will get a quite a lot of xp, you can also use rare candies
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Where are the highest level Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

There prob at north of White forest/ Black city ( depends what game you have) or at Giant Chasm. they have i think 59-67s and if you need training, just train on Cynthia, Mori