How many levels can a Pokemon GO up to in Pokemon diamond?

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without hacking, 100 with hacking, 999 and then reset to 0 and no more exp gain.
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How do you let your Pokemon level up faster in Pokemon diamond?

send your Pokemon to a Pokemon daycare and go to the bike trail then ride until you hit a wall and tape down the forward button each step = 1 exp point so if you go to school

How do you level Pokemon up easily on Pokemon Diamond?

Rare Candy. But Rare Candies are for weak trainers. Put in the time and effort and raise your Pokemon correctly. Pokemon raised on rare Candies are always weaker, slower and l

How do your Pokemon level up faster on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Pokemon level up in different speeds. The fastest Pokemon to got to level 100 will only need only 600,000 experience points such as Cranidos. The slowest will need 1,640,000 e

Where can I find level ups in Pokemon Diamond?

ok well there is no such thing as a "level up" in Pokemon. you can "level up" a Pokemon by battleing and winning, but you can't find a "level up". but there is a such thing as

How to Level Pokemon up fast on diamond?

If you want to level up pokemons quick eat a rare candy and it will get you up a level. You can also leave 2 of your Pokemon at the day care in soleason town and go around som

How do you level up Pokemon diamond quickly?

you get a charizard, typhlosion, blaziken, infernape, or emboar that knows blast burn, fire blast, overheat, and any weak attack. make shere that it's at least level 70.then p

How do you level up your Pokemon fast in diamond?

If u don't have action replay, put lucky eggs (obtained from wild Chansey) on your Pokemon. If u do, this is a good code: 94000130 000002FF 62106FC0 00000000 B2106FC0 0000000

How do you level up a Pokemon quickly in diamond?

Put two Pokemon in the day care center and take as many steps as possible. the more steps you take the more experience points are given to the Pokemon It took me about 5 minut

How do you level up Pokemon On Diamond?

Get exp points Edit:Go into grass and wait for a Pokemon to appear, Then once one does make it faint and you'll get EXP and you'll level up if you keep repeating this.
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How do you level up a pokemons happieness level in Pokemon diamond?

To make a pokemon's happiness go up you have to care for it. For example: not letting it faint in battle, using items on it (potions, hp ups, pp ups, ect), and giving it poffi
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How can you get your Pokemon to level up fast in diamond?

the best way is get a action replay and use super exp gain you get 9999 points to about 24999 and grows alot of lvls fast even in the wild.. or get exp share and put on Pokemo
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How do you level up Pokemon quick on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

all you need to do is get an action replay and find a rare candy. a rare candy will level up a Pokemon by 1 level. when you start the game with the action replay it will have