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How many marines were there when they were first created?

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How many Marines are there?

There are atleast 200,000 currently active Marines. 30,000+ are stationed in the Middle East and 40,000 Marines are reserved. Upon that, this answer may in fact vary as troops

Why were the Marines created?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tun Tavern. Captain Samuel Nicholas was the first commandant. Marine Corps' official birthdate is November 10, 1775. They were created to protect N

How many marines were on the First Fleet?

Sources vary, but there were approximately 191 soldiers, known as marines, despatched to guard the convicts on the First Fleet to Australia.

How many marines are in a marine infantry regiment?

Typically there are three Battalions in a Regiment. A Marine Corps Grunt Battalion has on average around 750 Marines (may vary if the U.S. is in a time of war or not). So a Re

How many marines are in the US Marine Corps?

The number of Marines serving in the USMC varies, as assumed  missions are finished and added. However, the number of active  marines tend to sway up and down around the 200