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How many miles does the average teenager drive annually?

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20 thousand miles
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How many drunk driving deaths are there annually?

 So far this year there have been 11, 955 deaths. For a Death  Clock of how many people have died this year go to    http://www.alcoholalert.com/deathclock.html  

What is average annual miles driven by sales rep?

There is no average annual miles driven by a sales rep. There are  some who have a small territory and others who cover several  states. Some report driving 40,000 miles a y

How fast can the average teenage boy run a mile?

So much depends on how fit and how fat this "average " boy is. If they havent done any training and they are fairly slim then anything from 7-9 minutes. A good teenage runner

What is the annual mile average in Atlanta Georgia?

The annual estimated mileage calculations stand at 15,000 miles per year. There are no adjustments made for individual cities.    i read that people in gearogia have the h

How many liters of gasoline will be used to drive 525 miles in a car that averages 35 miles per gallon?

Well, we have a fun math problem here, I'm going to give you the math based on what you said, but in reality this might not be right as 35 mpg is an average. A gallon = 3.7854