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How many miles on the Bayonne NJ bridge?

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The Bayonne Bridge is 1.095 miles long. It is the fifth longest steel arch bridge in the world. It opened on November 15, 1931.
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How many miles from east orange NJ to Orlando FL?

1,089 miles taking this route: Take the GARDEN STATE PARKWAY (toll) SOUTH from East Orange to I-95 N. J. TURNPIKE at EXIT 129; follow signs to I-95 TURNPIKE - SOUTH.Take I-95

How long is the Manhattan bridge in miles?

  1.3 miles The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge that measures 1470 feet long on the main span. The suspension cables are 3224 feet long and the total length of the

How many miles walking the Brooklyn bridge?

the Brooklyn bridge is 1.13 miles long. if u want to walk it to Brooklyn and then back, its 2.26 miles long.

How many miles does the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel save verses I-95?

From NYC to NC border it saves about 50 miles but.... The speed limit in Del is 55 and enforced by local cops which are everywhere and there are a lot of traffic lights along

How many miles is the tappan zee bridge?

  The tappan zee bridge is 3 miles long from the nyaks to westchester.

How far is Bayonne NJ to NYC?

The distance from Bayonne, New Jersey to New York City, New York is 11.6 miles and takes approximately 26 minutes.

How many air miles to Singapore from Newark NJ?

The Distance between Singapore (,Singapore) and Newark (New Jersey,Essex County,US) is :   15336.7 kilometers (km).    In Other Units:   9529.79 miles.   82

How many miles is the golden gate bridge?

Total Length --- 8,981 feet (2,737 m) --- 1.7 miles Longest Span --- 4,200 feet (1,280 m) --- .79 miles Connects the San Francisco Peninsula with Marin County -118,000 veh

WHAT is closest airport to bayonne NJ?

The nearest major airport is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR / KEWR). This airport has international and domestic flights from Newark, New Jersey and is about 8 driv

How many miles does it take to drive from Newark NJ to atlanta GA?

The driving distance between Atlanta, GA and Newark, NJ is approximately 870 miles. The driving time would be approximately 14 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel non-stop

How many miles from Jersey City NJ to Houston tx?

1,802 miles taking this route: Take I-95 SOUTH from New Jersey all the way down to I-10 WEST via I-295 to bypass JACKSONVILLE. (EXIT 362B off I-95 in FLORIDA to get onto I-295