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How many movies fit on a 16GB iPad?

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Depends on the size of the movies.
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How many movies can a 16gb ipad hold?

It all depends on the length and quality of the movie, but standard definition movies are typically 1-1.5GB and high definition ones typically range from 1.75-2.5GB. I'll let

How many pictures can a 16gb iPad hold?

Since each photo is about 7 KB and there are 1000 KB in a MB and 1000 MB in a single GB, you will be able to store 2,285,714 pictures on a 16 GB iPad.

How many books can a 16GB iPad hold?

ebooks are quite small and range from 200 KB for a short to medium  length eBook including mainly text to 600 KB. So including system  files, you could have about 50 000 boo