How many pages are there in War and Peace?

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War and Peace Russian title (Война и мир, Voyna i mir) written by Leo Tolstoy First draft in 1863, was serialized in a litary magazine under the title 1803, Tolstoy apparently hated this version and rewrote the whole work completing it under the title War and Peace in 1869.

The original manuscript is said to have been edited in Russia in 1983, but the total amount of pages in the original work is uncertain.

The book was translated to English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish and Korean. The version we know today apparently is quite different from the original version (1863), mainly due to it's apparent "happy ending." Tolstoy never actually intended to publish the book in it's entirity, and even calls the version we know today "loathsome."

The majority of the book is written in Russian with French in places. The inclusion of French was intended to relate that the nobels in Russia at the time spoke in the French language, but as the work goes on, the use of French diminishes, and this also serves to point to the resugance of Russia in the Napoleonic times.

The English translation of this work varies between 1,440 to a more managable 1,222 pages.
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How many pages is War and Peace?

There are 1,225 pages in the novel War and Peace. This book waswritten by Leo Tolstoy and was first published in 1869.