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How many people can share your Costco membership?

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When signing up for a Costco membership you can have two people per an account, you are given two cards. The second member does not have to be related to you in anyway. It can simply be a friend, relative, or complete stranger.
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Is it possible to visit Costco before paying for a membership?

Absolutely. If you are by yourself, you will be asked to show a membership card at the entrance door. When asked, simply go to member service and speak with a representative t

How much is a costco membership?

It costs $110 for A Costco Executive Business Membership or Executive Gold Star, and $55 for A Costco Business Membership each year. Executive Membership give members 2% cash

Can you buy a Costco membership at store?

You have to get your membership at the store. Walk in and the man/woman attending the door will direct you to the membership station

What are the benefits of Costco membership?

Costco membership allows you to shop at their stores, which provide a lot of basic goods at bulk prices. You can also buy discounted gasoline and take advantage of other servi

How do you submit a change of address for your Costco membership?

In order to submit a change of address for your Costco membership,  you will need to log into the official Costco "My Profile" site. On  that site, you can change your addre

What requirements do you need to get a membership card for Costco?

I don't think they have any requirements, at least they didn't when I joined them a couple of years ago. Just have to fill out an application and pay the annual fee and you sh

How much Costco membership?

$50 a year for 2 people or executive membership which rewards you for shopping is $100 a year for two people earn up to $500 back