How many people have been in space?

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After the launch of STS-127 (Space Shuttle Endeavour) to the ISS, there will have been 500 people who have flown to space. (The launch will be around July.) So as of now, 499 people have been to space.
As of 6 July 2016, there have been 536 individuals who have visited space.
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How many women have been to space?

40 women have made it to space. They include: . Valentina Tereshkova . Svetlana Savitskaya . Sally K. Ride . Kathryn D. Sullivan . Mae C. Jemison . Eileen M. Collins . Peggy Whitson . Susan Still . Pamela Ann Melroy . Judith A. Resnik . Sharon Christa McAuliffe . Shannon W. Lucid . Ell (MORE)

How many times have men been in space?

\nDozens and dozens of men - women, too. There are men in space now, aboard the ISS (International Space Station). Sometimes after sunset, you can see the ISS fly over your town.. it's REALLY cool to see.

How many animals have been in space?

So far to date 186 different species (187 if you included humans)have flown in space. It is probably more if you count the varioustypes of bacteria, but that is the official total.

How many men have been to space?

Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space ( USAF definition ) - 474. Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space ( FAI definition ) - 468. Total Number of People Who Have Been in Earth Orbit - 465. Of these, 47 have been women. I found all this information at http://www.worldspaceflig (MORE)

How many Americans have been in space?

With the success of Endeavor finally launching, the total as of July 16, 2009 is 324. CBS is the only valid source I can find on such space statistics but it looks like the haven't updated since STS-125. So STS-127, the shuttle that just launched isn't included. (MORE)

How many people went in to space?

The two most successful manned spacecrafts are the USA Space Shuttle and the USSR/Russian Soyuz. The Shuttle has flown around 119 times and it carries five to seven people, the Soyuz flew something in the order of 100 times carrying between two and tree people, so the number must be in the order o (MORE)

How many rockets have been launched into space?

There is no specific and accurate answer to this question becausevarious countries, including India, sent various spy missiles intospaces. But, as far as google is concerned, there are some 8000objects that are accounted for by various governments that havebeen sent into space for various purposes.

How many space shuttles have been lost?

There were two fatal- All hands accidents in the Shuttle program. The first one was the Challenger blast- which occured during the launch phase in the upper atmosphere- l986. The second was the Columbia accident which broke up and disintegrated on re-entry over the West Coast- this happened in 2003. (MORE)

How many space shuttle accidents has there been?

Two out of the five (six if you count Enterprise which never actually went into space). The two space shuttles destroyed were Columbia; on February 1, 2003, when shortly before it was scheduled to conclude its 28th mission, STS-107, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana (MORE)

How many people explored space?

534-528 (definition of "space" vary) different people from 35 separate nations (only 11 have more then 1 traveler). Only 57 of them female. 332 (68.2%) are from the US, 113 from Russia (21.5%). Only 24 people have ever left earth.

How many different animals have been into space?

So far to date 186 different species (187 if you included Humans) have flown in space. It is probably more if you count the various types of bacteria, but that is the official total, (thanks to NASA for getting back to me so quickly). Apart from the Monkeys, Chimpanzees and Dogs used by the Unite (MORE)

How many people can be in a space shuttle?

two to seven people can stay in a space shuttle at one time. so not over 8 people. I researched this so you know it is right. I am in middle school. just to let you know.

How long have people been studying space?

Stone henge was probably an astronomical observatory. The Egyptians toyed with celestial architecture some 6000 years ago. Most likely the first people to gaze in wonder at the moon and Venus, Mars, and Jupiter thought about space. The Greeks are the first to have made decent records of their spa (MORE)

How many shuttles have been to space?

There has been a total of 6 space shuttles launched into orbit by two countries, the United States and the former Soviet Union. They are (year of first and last flights) Columbia (1981-2003) Challenger (1983-1986) Discovery (1984-2011) Atlantis (1984-2011) Buran Soviet Space Shuttle (1 (MORE)

Where have people been in space?

As far as is presently known to the public, people have spent time .... -- in Earth orbit. -- in Lunar orbit. -- aboard the Mir Space Station. -- aboard the International Space Station. -- briefly on the surface of the Moon. and that's it .

How many Mexicans have been in space?

Only one if you count Mexican astronaut Rodolfo Neri (b. 1952), who flew aboard the STS-61-B shuttle mission. If you also count Mexican-American astronauts, those would include Jose Hernandez (STS-128) and John Olivas (STS-117, STS-128).

How many space Apollo missions have there been?

There were a total of 19 Apollo missions: Apollo-1A : Unmanned suborbital flight Apollo - 2 : Unmanned orbital flight Apollo - 3 : Unmanned suborbital flight Apollo - 1 : Manned orbital mission, cancelled due to fatal accident. Apollo - 4 : Unmanned orbital flight Apollo - 5 : Unmanned (MORE)

How many space shuttles have been sent to space?

There have been 5 space shuttles sent to space: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. The latter three of these remain in service. Challenger was destroyed during a failed launch in 1986, and Columbia broke apart upon reentry in 2003. Another vehicle was built: Enterprise, which (MORE)

How many space men have been in space?

"As of April 5, 2010 (2010 -04-05), a total of 517 humans from 38 countries have gone into space according to the FAI guideline [100 km up], (523 people have qualified when including the Department of Defense classification[80 km up])." Of these people, 15 actually reached "space" through an X-15 (MORE)

How many people have had Christmas in space?

0. Theres no possible way YET to stay on the moon or in space for more than a couple hours. BUT, check out the new hotel that is being installed! The cost for 2 nights is 20 million dollars! lol.

How many people can be on the space station?

Currently, 6 people can live and work on the international spacestation, limited by the available seats on the docked Soyuzspaceships which serve as lifeboats in case of an emergency. Thestation can support more people for short periods of time, such aswhen a space shuttle visited.

How many british people have been to space?

there have been 5 British astronauts Helen sharmen being the first who only had 1 mission. there was also Micheal foale who is British born but is a US citizen he had 9 missions. there was piers sellers who was also British born but an us citizen he had 3 missions. Nicholas Patrick was another Briti (MORE)

How many girls have been to space?

About 10 so far. ====== Answer #2: (Update) 55 different women total including cosmonauts, astronauts, payload specialists, and foreign nationals have flown in space. -- 6 different female cosmonauts have flown on the Soviet/Russian program -- 1 female astronaut or taikonaut has flo (MORE)

How many space suits have been made?

Al Worden told me there are over 500 Apollo suits alone in archival storage at the Garber facility in Washington D.C. . I would assume there are considerable fewer Mercury and Gemini suits and many more Shuttle suits. I'm not sure of the actual count, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were clos (MORE)

How many shuttles have been into space?

5 NASA Shuttles have been into space. Of those 5 shuttles, 2 were unfortunately destroyed. There has been a total of 135 Space missions using the space shuttle between the years 1980 and 2011 :)

How many years have the people been studying space?

It's impossible to know the answer to this. Evidence of space studies date back thousands of years, before telescopes were even invented. The Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Babylonians and Ancient Greeks all studied space. As far as we can tell, mankind has been studying the stars/space for over 6,50 (MORE)