How many people have been sucked down by the Bermuda Triangle?

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Over 150 people in aircraft have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and over 700 at sea.
These numbers are approximate, and there aren't always listings on what crew and passengers were on board each of the various aircraft or ships, so the actual number could be higher by a fairly significant amount. ... The causes of many of these deaths are also not known, so it isn't all that accurate to say that they were "sucked down" by the triangle... only that they died in the vicinity.
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How many people disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

It is claimed that more than 1,000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, this has not been proven. Though myth and scare mongering has to be taken into account mak

How many people died in the Bermuda triangle?

1872: The Mary Celeste 1945: The disappearance of 5 Navy avengers - Flight 19 1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda 1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost w

How many people have died in the Bermuda triangle?

Over the past century, the Bermuda Triangle is claimed to havetaken over a thousand lives. These numbers cannot be confirmed,however, as myths have potentially inflated that n

Does the Bermuda triangle suck you into it?

Possibly- and this could explain lost planes and ships- a Vortex could exist in the area- a whirlpool in reverse, pulling everything down below the sea surface. it is a very r

How many people have come out of the Bermuda Triangle?

Many people have escaped the Bermuda Triangle. Many cruise ships and commercial flights pass through the triangle unharmed. Those who escape with troubles usually tell about s

How many people live in the Bermuda Triangle?

The population of Bermuda is approx. 68,265; the population of Peurto Rico is approx. 3,978,702; the population of the Bahamas is approx. 310,426. That's a total of approx. 4

How many people died from the Bermuda triangle?

No people have died from the Bermuda Triangle because it is only lines drawn on a map. The people who have died in the area designated by these lines have died from normal o

How many people do and don't believe in the Bermuda Triangle?

okay,the storys are true but they make people think the Bermuda triangle is full of the super natural. yeah people disapear ,but, there is a strong magnetic force in that smal

How many people have been lost from the Bermuda triangle?

Over 1000 people have been recorded lost in it. No one has been lost from the Bermuda Triangle because it is only lines drawn on a map. The people who have died or disap

Why everything is sucked up by Bermuda triangle?

It isn't. The Bermuda Triangle is a made-up mystery; you are no more likely to vanish there than any other piece of ocean... or you can bet the insurance companies would forbi

Why have people been disapearing in the Bermuda Triangle?

Nobody really knows for sure. There is an interesting theory that there is a natural magnetic field which plays havoc with compasses and navigation equiptment. Another theory