How many people in this world are transgender?

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It depends on your definition of Transgendered. Only falling under the general term of transsexual.
The DSM1 IV estimates 1 in 30 thousand males are transgendered and 1 in 100 thousand females have identified themselves as having very strong trans feelings. {Definition of Transgender being born one physical sex, but their actual sex is different. Does not account for crossdressers2, gender benders3, people who are blends4, intersexed5, duo-genders6 or others also called gender queer7.}
Lynn Conway, a well known activist for transsexuals, estimates that 1 in 1,000 males has had GRS8 or SRS9. {in the US} If this is correct then there would be about 500,000 transgendered males in the US who have had SRS/GRS.
Using Transgendered as Generic
No one knows the actual number: it's not printed on people's foreheads. Using the broad term transgendered as anyone not conforming to generic society's binary set of genders and gender roles, many people are 'closeted' and so can't be counted, many don't even realize that they actually are transgendered and not crazy, but this would include genderbenders, dual-genders, crossdressers/transvestites, intersexed, blends and gender queer persons:
If 1 in 1,000 is a transsexual who has had surgery, at least another 1 in 1,000 hasn't had the surgery but is in some way or another transgendered. Using the above calculation, 1,000,000 (1 million) men in the U.S. are transgendered, making it 1 in 500. If this applies worldwide (broad assumption) then 14,000,000 (14 million) men worldwide are transgendered - not including women. Using the DSM IV's estimate of 3 : 1 (transsexuals) then 14,000,000 men and 4,666,000 women for a total guesstimate of at least 18,666,000 transgendered persons worldwide. Footnotes:
  1. DSM = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; a book commonly used by psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers in helping clients.

  2. Crossdressers/Transvestites: persons (most often males) who choose to dress and appear as a person of the opposite sex. This may or may not have anything to do with sex; each person is different here.

  3. Gender Benders: people who dress in the clothing of both sexes with no intent of looking like either sex specifically; they just like how it looks on them or how it feels. A girl wearing a double breasted suit is often gender-bending: looking for notoriety.

  4. Gender Blenders: much like gender benders, but usually keep it low key to avoid conflict with public. A boy wearing plain girl jeans would be blending.

  5. Intersexed: a person whose sexual organs are ambiguous from birth or has aspects of both sexes. This is a physical condition.

  6. Duo-Gendered: persons who believe they have aspects of both genders and will show different aspects of their gender based on internals states.

  7. Gender Queer: anyone not fitting into the above gender classes but do not consider themselves to be part of the absolute "binary gender" group.

  8. GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery): Physical surgery to make the genitals of a person appear and work similar to the genitals of the opposite sex. This is far more advanced in 'converting' a male to a female as opposed to the opposite: removing is far easier than adding when it comes to human body.

  9. SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery): An alternative wording for GRS. They are the same thing, SRS is the older less used name.

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How many gay lesbian bisexual or transgender people were killed in the Holocaust?

It is not known exactly how many GLBT people were persecuted but it is guessed at that 5,000 to 15,000 homosexual males and other 'deviants' (bi-sexual and transgender were not separated out) were in camps or murdered. Lesbians appear to have escaped some of the persecution, but there still were man (MORE)

Are transgender people bad?

Some are. Some aren't. Some are tall, some are short. Some have lots of money, some are broke. Some are smart, some are dumb. Transgendered people are just people with a perception of their gender and sex roles differently than that of general society-at-large. Like being Polish or having blue eyes (MORE)

What is a transgender?

A "transgender" is a way to say "transgendered person." It is not aterm for a "transsexual" person (someone born with the need to getcorrective genital surgery). There are various definitions oftransgender and they are adjectives: they describe people as in"That person is transgendered." One defini (MORE)

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What state has the most transgender people?

Since California and Texas have the most population - it's likely they have the highest number of transgendered people: California has about 35 million people and Texas about 25 million according to 2007 US Census.

Why are you transgender?

Many men and women feel strongly they are physically a different sex than they are mentally and emotionally. They feel they are a man or woman trapped in a body of the opposite gender. This dissonance, called gender dysphoria, is often so profound and uncomfortable that many individuals experiencing (MORE)

What do you do if you are transgender?

This question is very nonspecific. You may want to specify what exactly it is you're wondering; for example, how do you come out to your parents? What steps do I need to take to get a sex change? I hope you find the answer you're looking for!

How do transgender people urinate?

Transgender people have urinary tract systems just like the rest ofus. Regardless of gender, everyone has a urethra, a long tubeconnected to the bladder through which urine leave the body. If the transgender person is pre-op, then he or she urinates likeanyone else of his/her biological gender. If (MORE)

Who is a transgender?

By definition, a transgender is one, such as an author who will bepretend to be the opposite sex (in the case of an author, to keeptheir identity a secret). By today's society though, a transgenderwould be considered the same as a transsexual, one who feels theyhave been born the wrong sex. If you h (MORE)

Is there any treatment for transgender people?

No. Transgender is neither a disease nor a physical condition. There is a diagnosis that might be applied called "Gender Identity Disorder" or GID. Generally those with GID are persons awaiting Gender Reassignment Surgery. Neither is being transgendered a sin or even "wrong"; a person's self-percept (MORE)

Are you a transgender?

You just have to know how you feel, if you identify as male, female, or a mix thereof. There is also some debate over whether the term should be 'transgender' or 'transgendered person.'

How many people are transgender?

It is impossible to give a number to answer your question. An estimate can be made of those who have been diagnosed by the medical profession with gender identity disorder and those who have had sex reassignment surgery but there are plenty more that do not fall under either of those categories. The (MORE)

How many transgenders?

This is a vague question, I am going to assume it is asking how many are there. It is thought that there are between 30,000 and 50,000 MtF transsexuals who have coompleted transition and more than that who haave not. The number who desire it is thought to be 1 in 500 in both genders.

Why do people become transgender?

They feel tired of living a lie. Society demands that they behave one way, when inside they are naturally different. It's hard to live a lie without becoming depressed, so the best thing for them to do to truly be happy is to transgend.

How many surgeries do transgenders go through?

Usually none. People who live as the other sex and never get surgery are correctly called transgender. The term transsexual is a medical diagnosis reserved for those with the most severe gender conflict. People call themselves transgender, but doctors diagnose people with transsexualism. Transsexual (MORE)

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How many years is it to be fully transgender?

To fully transition takes at generally takes several years. Once a person makes the decision to fully transition from one gender to the other, they begin therapy and then when they are ready they start what is called a "real life test" where they are required to live as their "target" sex for one ye (MORE)

How many people in this world are idiots?

Whoever asks this question is an idiot. and i must say... we all are idiots in some way once in a while, so just go check the world population on wikipedia and then there you go!

How many people where there in the whole world?

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Why does Taco Bell hate transgender people?

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Can transgender people serve in the military?

I don't think so. Answer: Yes. A person who is transgendered is just as competent, patriotic and tough as any 'normal' person and can serve with honor or dishonor. And people in the military have had gender reassignment surgery and continued to serve.

How many transgenders were killed during the holocaust?

about 10 000, for a group that were 'victims of the Holocaust' they had the best survival rate. Himmler estimated that there were up to 4 million homosexuals in the Reich, but they made no effort to persecute them, of this only 150 000 were ever arrested.

Are transgender people gay?

No, these are separate. Someone who is transgender feels that theirbody doesn't match their sex. A gay person is attracted to the samesex. Most of us are heterosexual (from opposite).

Are there more transgender people now?

There is no more transgender people now than there ever was before however it is more open and known about now...alot of people now feel comfortable with 'coming out' and letting people know they are transgender whereas before not many knew about it and it was highly frowned apon.

Why are transgender people treated differently?

Ignorance, religion and fear seem to be the most common motivatingfactors for unfair or different treatment of transgender people.People fear what the they don't understand. People hate what theyfear. People follow religious teachings of others who hate and fearwhat they don't understand. The human (MORE)

Why you ignoring the transgender people?

No idea. We transgender folks are quite prone to ridicule and stereotyping, but despite all the closed-minded people, there is a surprising amount of support for us. I think most of the reason people hate the LGBT community is because their religion tells them it is a sin. Religion closes minds, and (MORE)

Are transgender people mentally Ill?

NO!!! Just as homosexuals are not "mentally ill", neither aretransgendered people. It is not a "disease" which can be "cured."Likewise, it is not something that can be "caught." Unlike people with mental disorders, a transgendered person has thesame thoughts and feelings as anyone else, and should (MORE)

Why we have a transgender?

Well wether you are reffering to why is a son or daughter of yoursis trans, or why they are in the world in general (sorry can'texactly tell in your question), it is just something people areborn with. It was orriginally considered to be a "birth defect,"cuz that's technically what it is, but we don (MORE)

Do transgender people have the wrong body parts?

No, transgender people are gender variant. It is people born with transsexualism who are not transgendered who have the wrong parts. On the other hand, transsexual people are individuals whose birth sex does not match up with their mental gender and neurology of birth. This usually leads to them (MORE)

How can you be transgender?

It's something one must only be born with. If you aren't trans now,you probably won't become trans. It is mostly due to your bodygetting an error in it's DNA, and getting to many of the wronghormones. One who is Female to Male, has extra amounts oftestosterone, and one who is male to female has extr (MORE)

Can transgender people grow mustaches naturally?

I've heard you can stimulate the follicles by shaving which canincrease thickness of facial hair. Even if it does become darker itwill probably not be the same as a mustache grown throughtestosterone.

Are there transgender people in Alaska?

There are transgenders everywhere. But they are rare in the middleeast (ex Saudi Arabia) where in some countries it is illegal or"against God" and so a lot of gays, transgenders, etc are at riskof being stoned to death. But yes, there are probably Transgendersin Alaska.

What are transgender people?

Transgender people are people who decided to switch genders, eitherfrom FtM, or MtF. FtM trans people usually take T, or testosteroneshots, to boost horomones that they are beinning to develop as anew gende. So basically, transgenders are people who completelyswitched from one gender to another.

How many transgender people are there in the us?

Worldwide, about 1 in 2000 individuals are transsexual. Say we have 350,000,000 citizens, that's 175,000. Transgendered? No one really did a study that was so broad. Most likely 1 in 200 to 1 in 300 people are transgendered.