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How many people where killed in the movie taken?

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Around seven thousand.
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How many people did Hitler kill and why did he kill them?

The exact number of people killed by the Nazi regime may never be  known, but scholars, using a variety of methods of determining the  death toll, have generally agreed upon

How many people has chucky killed in all of his movies?

To date, Chucky has murdered 30 times including his girlfriend Tiffany, whom he has murdered once as a human and twice as a doll. It is never disclosed how many women that Cha

In the 3 jaws movies how many people did the shark kill?

Jaws: Five people and one dog. Jaws 2: Seven people are killed along with a killer whale and three shark attacks Jaws 3: Four people are killed along with a grouper and a

How many people were killed in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

  5 People are killed in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) 7 People are killed in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) 6 People are killed in Leatherface: The Texas C
In Tigers

Why do people kill tiger to save then why cant the be taken care of?

Why do people kill tiger to save them and why do people kill them? Why are we not helping them but not be kill them? Why do we have them in zoos and why do the tiger do not g

In the jaws movie how many people were killed?

In the original "Jaws" 5 (6 if you count the dog) were killed by  the shark.     In order of death:     1. Crissy    2. the Dog    3. Alex K

Fires caused by electrical fault have killed many people and injured numerous others what precaution should be taken to prevent such fires?

Always have a licensed electrician do electrical repairs and electrical inspections in your home. DO NOT overload sockets or run lightweight extention cords to items that cons