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How many people where killed in the movie taken?

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Around seven thousand.
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How many people did ghostface kill?

33, out've all seven of the killers, not counting the killers death. Scream 1: Casey(Stabbed, Gutted, & Hung), Steve(Gutted), Kenny(Slashed Throat), Tatum(Crushed With Elevat

How many people can an angel kill?

well,if you must know,1 angel can kill 185,000 people .so,if you had 12 legions of angels(and legion has anywhere from 3,000 to6,000 angels)like peter did,you could wipe out t

How many people did Stalin kill?

The most widely accepted figure is that Stalin killed around 20  million.    See related links below.    But there is no argument, both Hitler and Stalin where

How many people has bigfoot killed?

There are no documented reports of humans being killed by Bigfoot. The answer is none. Bigfoot is not thought of as a blood thirsty killer.

How many people killed with guns?

In 2007, the latest figure available from the Centers for Disease Control, 31,224 people died from gun injuries (mostly suicides) compared to 438,000 from cigarettes.
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Do many people kill owls?

I would kill them if I could see them. They have depredated our farmstead, killing many poultry and pet cats. Protection of birds of prey is as senseless as protecting coyotes

How many people were killed by the Guillotine?

The best estimate is about 40,000 between 1789 and 1799. It sounds like a lot but it is really only eleven a day for 10 years. That could hardly put in the need for a new blad