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As of 2010, they had approximately 24,400 employees located around the world.
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How many people use Google Maps?

Some sources state that in 2009 there are roughly 55 Million unique  visitors each month in the US. In 2010, Google announced that more  than 100 million people a month are

Why do so many people use Google?

Results: As a search engine, it provides fast reliable results. You can usually find what you are looking for in the first few links. Visual: The site is functional, and not

How many people work for mcdonald's?

The latest estimate of the total number of McDonald's employees is between 1.5 million and 2 million. The total number of franchise locations for 2009 was over 31,000 worldwi

How many people go on Google in one day?

Google is a great search engine that many people use. There are probably about 100 million people that use Google a day! In 2006, Google was used 400 million times per day.

How many people work in submarines?

It depends on the submarine type (Fast-Attack, Missile, etc.), but the general crew complement is between 90-120. That figure increases to around 150-160 during long deploymen

How many people work in the gherkin?

The Gherkin a skyscraper located in the financial district of London stands 591 ft and has the floor area of 47,950 sq ft. Designed to accommodate office, retail and residenti

How many people work at carowinds?

According to the website, Carowinds employs over 2,500 seasonal associates each year. For more information, please see the related link.
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How many in a Google?

It's not Google but Googol -- "Google" is the name of a large company and search engine -- and Googol represents 10^100: the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros. - 10,000,00

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According to the World Health Organization's World Health Statistics Report, 2011, there is a total of 19,380,000 nurses and midwives in the world. Canada (2011, Canadian