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How many people work for Google?

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As of 2010, they had approximately 24,400 employees located around the world.
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How many people use Google a year?

As you can see in the related question, 300 million people use Google a day. Since many of these people overlap (it is the same people using every day) we can estimate about 7

Why do so many people use Google?

Results: As a search engine, it provides fast reliable results. You can usually find what you are looking for in the first few links. Visual: The site is functional, and not

How many people go on Google in one day?

Google is a great search engine that many people use. There are probably about 100 million people that use Google a day! In 2006, Google was used 400 million times per day.

How many Indians work for Google?

Over 50% of Google's employees are from India.

How many people worked on the Titanic?

It had a crew of 991. About 3,000 workers were employed by Harlan and Wolfe Belfast from 1909 to 1912 on the construction of the ship.

How many people work in airports?

Depends on what airport you are talking about... But there has to be alot because you need security, a front desk lady, the airplane driver, and alot more....

How many people Google everyday?

About a trillion people get on google everyday.
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How many in a Google?

It's not Google but Googol -- "Google" is the name of a large company and search engine -- and Googol represents 10^100: the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros. - 10,000,00
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How many people work for BP?

80,300 employees- see link.