How many personal injury lawyers are there in the US?

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According the the American Bar Association there are over 76,000 personal injury lawyers in the US comprised mostly of law firms with 50 or less lawyers.

There are also multiple directories that list in excess of 50,000 personal injury law firms and lawyers.
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What is the description of a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer practices in the area of personal injuryand wrongful death which involves representing people who die orhave been injured resulting from the negligent

How much does a personal injury lawyer make?

A personal injury lawyer's earnings is usually based on some factors like the type of law firm that he works for, extent of experience of being a lawyer and his/her credibilit

Money personal injury lawyer?

The Injury Law Group in Pittsburgh PA specializes in personal injury cases. They offer a free file review and consultation. Their website is

Should you get a lawyer for a careless driving violation with personal injury?

yes. Yes, for several reason. Most important is that the lawyer should be able to tell you if you are even guilty of careless driving. Sometimes tickets are issued for the hi

What is the total number of Personal Injury Lawyers in the US?

According to the American Bar Association (ABA) there are over 76,544 personal injury lawyers in the United States. Most of these lawyers work in law firms representing less t

Best Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers?

I have had some great luck with Motherway and Napleton. You can contact them through their website at or Phone: (312) 726-2699 100 W. Monroe , Suit

How many personal injury lawyers are in Atlanta?

There are many personal injury practices located in the city of Atlanta. The trick is finding the one who is looking out for you and not their own personal interests. Link & S

What do personal injury lawyer what do they do to help you?

A personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a case under civil law in which you were severely injured as a result of the negligence of another person. These attorneys build t
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When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

You need a personal injury lawyer in any issue that involves anaccident, injury, negligence, body altercation, in other issues. The types of injuries and accidents almost cert
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How do you find best personal injuries lawyer?

It is important to find an injury attorney that is looking out for your best interests. Many personal injury attorneys, specifically television advertised attorneys, are finan
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What are the qualifications to become a personal injury related lawyer?

Every state gets to set their own requirements for being accepted to the bar (being allowed to practice law). In most cases you have to have a law degree from an accredited la
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What percentage should you expect to pay a personal injury lawyer?

There is no set percentage, and the charge may vary from state tostate due to variation in regulations, but generally you can expectto pay anywhere from one third to forty per