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How many personal injury lawyers are there in the US?

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According the the American Bar Association there are over 76,000 personal injury lawyers in the US comprised mostly of law firms with 50 or less lawyers.

There are also multiple directories that list in excess of 50,000 personal injury law firms and lawyers.
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Money personal injury lawyer?

  The Injury Law Group in Pittsburgh PA specializes in personal injury cases. They offer a free file review and consultation. Their website is www.injurylawgroup.org

How many personal injury lawyers are in Atlanta?

There are many personal injury practices located in the city of Atlanta. The trick is finding the one who is looking out for you and not their own personal interests. Link & S

What do personal injury lawyer what do they do to help you?

A personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a case under civil law in which you were severely injured as a result of the negligence of another person. These attorneys build t

What do accident and personal injury lawyers do?

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who handles legal claims involving physical and psychological injuries, particularly those caused as a result of the negligence or wron

How do you become a personal injury lawyers?

To become a personal injury lawyer a four year degree in a relevant subject such as English or Pre-Law, followed by a two year law program and a Bar exam, is necessary. To spe

How are personal injury lawyers different than trial lawyers?

Personal injury lawyers deal with wrongdoings or negligence. Since the lawsuit is usually between a business and a worker or customer, most cases are settled. When cases are n

Are personal injury lawyers reliable?

There are many different lawyers that may prove to not be reliable, however some good lawyers include Brookline, Davidson and Affiliates, and Henry Spiegel Milling LLP.

Where can one find a personal injury lawyer?

You visit local law firms that either have a personal injury lawyer or ask them for recommendations. Another place to check would be the yellow pages of a phone book under the