How many photos does the 32GB iPad hold?

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It will depend on the size of the photos and what else is on the iPad. Assuming that no apps, music or videos are being stored on the iPad and that the pictures are using JPEG compression then the iPad could hold over 100,000 pictures.
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How many photos will a 32gb sd card hold?

It will vary depending on compression and quality of the digital picture taken. If you take pictures at 12 mega pixel it will be a different number than at 1 megapixel. The sh

How many songs does the IPAD 32GB hold?

The iPad can hold about 5,500 songs, assuming you have no apps,pictures, or videos. There is no exact number, as there aremultiple bit rates per song so it can change. I have

How many apps does an iPad 32gb hold?

It really depends on the size of each app. For instance: Modern Combat - Black Pegasus has around 500mb, whereas, an app like Doodle Jump has around 6mb. You could definitely

How much can a 32gb iPad hold?

32 gb = . 28,633,088 pages of plaintext(38,400 characters) . 143,136 books(6400 pages or 7,680,000 characters) . 10,912 digital pictures . 8,192 mp3 audio files

How many pictures can a 32gb iPad hold?

That will depend on the amount of other content on the iPad (apps, songs, etc.) and the resolution and compression of the photos. There is no fixed number.
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How many photos does the 64gb iPad hold?

Without installing any other apps, the 64Gb iPad should have 56Gb or so free for photos. Using the built-in camera of the iPad 2, each file is about 500Kb. Since the file is a
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How many hours of movie can a 32gb iPad hold?

It will depend on the resolution, encoding type and quality of the movie encode, as well as the number of other apps and music you have on your iPad. If you store nothing but