How many pounds does the average garbage bag hold?

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20-25 lbs.
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How many cups are in a 3 pound bag?

How many cups of what? 3 pounds of popcorn could be 50 cups of popped popcorn. Sugar or salt would likely be about 4 or 5 cups. You HAVE to measure if you want to insure your recipe will come out.

How many pounds of rice in a average bag?

wanna no how much pounds in a bag of rice well go look it up i looked and looked and no one knows on the enternet so when you do find out LET ME NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . ASFHNOERWUHNRUWHOunowuhpw]q]#[t 5y8y8 4[] . meep!

How many potatoes in a ten pound bag?

It would depend on how much each potato weighs.. On average, however, one average sized potato weighs about 375 grams. (See the question and answer concerning the average weight of a potato.) Assuming all of the potatoes are average sized as defined by commercial producers.. Five pounds is about (MORE)

How many carbohydrates in a average bag of sweethearts?

For one serving (28.0 g) of the small hearts, there are 28 grams of carbs (27 grams of sugar). That's 9% of the daily value. For 16 pieces of the large hearts, there are 39 grams of carbs (38 grams of sugar). That's 13% of the daily value.

How many oranges in a 4 pound bag?

The amount of oranges in a four pound bag will differ depending onthe size of the oranges. If a medium sized orange is used, therewill be about six oranges.

How many pounds make a bag of sugar?

Most bags of sugar come in 4 pound, 5 pound or large warehousesizes like 10 pounds and 25 pounds. Most people purchase a 4 or 5pound bag on a regular basis.

How many cups of rice in an average bag?

There is no such thing as an 'average' bag of rice. In my local groceries it comes in bags of 8 oz, 12 oz, 1 pound, 2 pound, 5 pound, 9 pound, and 11 pound. Who decides what is 'average'

What are garbage bags made out of?

Plastic bags are generally made either of HDPE or LDPE, which respectively stand for Low Density Polypropylene and High Density Polypropylene.\n. \nLow density of LDPE is due to the presence of side chains in the polymer's chains, phenomenon called branching.\nThe extra branching give special prope (MORE)

What makes the garbage bags flexible?

Garbage bags are flexible due to them being made from specially structured hydrocarbons known as polyethene or (polythene) as we call it. In certain cases plasticisers can also be added to a material to make it more flexible.. NOTE: Polyethene is a large polymer which is a long giant lattice of sma (MORE)

How many pounds are in a garbage bag full of crushed pop cans?

As it would seem that the size of the bag will determine how many cans are within (crushed or other wise) and because each crushed can still retains a different shape (some crush more than others), there is no way to provide an exact answer about the weight of the bag. The single best way to find (MORE)

How much can the average American garbage truck hold?

Depends on the actual capacity of the body, manufacturer of the body, condition of the hydraulic pump, compressibility of the load (bulky items such as couches and wood do not compress). Average body sizes range from about15 to 32 cubic yards. The truck I drive is a 2005 Mack LE600 with a McNeilus 3 (MORE)

Do all garbage bags pop when compacted in a garbage truck?

Depends on several factors - if it is tied or not those that aren't tied usually don't "pop" due to the lack of pressure built inside the bag however the bags that are tied tightly will most generally "pop" at some point while in the truck if they are not "popped" from the pack cycle. A bag which (MORE)

How many pounds of garbage is in the Detroit dump?

Answer: around 55000 pounds it gets around 2200 every day Answer: The Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority reports that " I n the ten year span from July 1, 1989 to June 30, 1999, the Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Facility has received and processed 7,572,000 tons of municip (MORE)

What garbage bag is strongest?

I recommend Glad force flex, because it is really stretchy and strong. I'm not being inflammatory or one sided, I just recommend it. There are probably others, but you asked which is the strongest, and i gave a recommendation.

How many Jordan almonds in a pound bag?

Depends on the Jordan alomnds (fine, medium fine, superfine). I usually buy superfine Jordan alomnds....they have between 90-110 pieces per lb. Check out for the superfine almonds...theyre top notch.

How many onions in a 50 pound bag?

we have 25 pound bags of onions at my work. i counted, and there were 62 medium-large onions in the bag. so maybe around 124? Answer Onions can vary widely in size. If they are graded as mediums, there might be as many as 200 in 50 pounds, but if graded as super colossal, there might only be 35 (MORE)

Who invented the first garbage bag?

Harry Wasylyk a Canadian inventor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, along with Larry Hansen of Lindsay, Ontario, invented the disposable green polyethylene garbage bag for the commercial industry and it was later mass produced by other companies for home use.

How many gallons are in a 50 pound bag?

It depends on what is in the bag. 1 US Gallon of water = approx. 8.35 lb, so a 50 pound bag would hold about 5.9 gallons of water. A gallon of gasoline weighs about 6.073 pounds per US Gallon, so a 50 pound bag would hold about 8.2 gallons.

How do you measure the volume of a garbage bag?

Method 1 fill it with water 1 litre at a time = 1000cm cubed =0.001m cubed Method 2 Fill it with bath towels or something else heavy but soft (not to rip bag) and then use your full garbage bag to displace a volume of water 1 litre = 1000cm cubed

How many pounds can a tornado hold?

It depends on how strong the tornado is Most tornadoes can only life light objects, however, the very strongest of tornadoes have been knonw to lift entire buildings weighing dozens of tons.

How many pounds in cement bags?

A U.S. bag (or sack) of cement contains 94 lbs. Note this is for cement not premixed concrete where you just add water. The origin of 94 lbs/sack for cement comes from 1 cubic foot of loosly bagged cement weighs approximately 94 lbs; they were originally (and perhaps still) measured out by volume, b (MORE)

How many pounds can a tractor trailer hold?

A dry van can typically hold up to 44,000lbs. depending on the exact weight of the trailer itself. Rest a sure if you go over the gross over 80,000lbs you will be ticketed $1 a pound. Also you got to deal with three axles. Steer, Rear, and Trailer Axles, 12,000,34,000,34,000. If you go over that on (MORE)

How many collection trucks' worth of garbage does a transfer trailer hold?

Depends on the specifications of the collection trucks, as well as the dimensions of the trailer, and tare weight of the vehicle. Weight wise, a transfer truck, at best, could legally haul the weight of the payload of three tandem axle collection trucks - collection trucks are quite heavy, so transf (MORE)

How many oysters are in a 55 pound bag?

Oysters are graded by size from smallest to largest they range from about 40 g to 100g (essentially 1 to 2.5 oz each). There are therefore between 350 to 880 osyters in 55 lb bag.

How many pounds of potatoes are in a bag of Chips?

Depending on the brand and style, it is between 3 and 4 times of the weight of the bag of chips. So a 1 pound bag might have come from 3 pounds of potatoes. The potatoes are sliced very thin, and when they are deep-fried, a lot of the water is evaporated and replaced with the cooking oil. Making you (MORE)

How many pounds is the average cat?

Let me tell you this, if you cannot feel the Cat's ribs, then he/she's overweight. I think there isn't an average weight for cat, but female cat weight less than male cat. And I think healthy male cat weight between 9~13lbs, healthy female cat weight between 6~9lbs.

How many onions are in a 2 pound bag?

Average onions are about 100 grams each, so you can expect a 2 pound bag (1 kilo) to contain about 10 onions. Note that this varies with the type of onion (red and white onions are slightly larger a piece) and whether you buy organic onions which tend to be slightly smaller.

How many pounds can a pallet hold?

The number of pounds a pallet can hold depends on its make and model. Generally a pallet can hold at least 2 tons and could max out at as many as 10 tons.

How many bags will a car storage rack bag hold?

The number of bags that a car storage rack can hold will depend on both the size of the car and the rack. The average number of bags that can be held ranges between 6 and 8 at any given time.