How many republican lawyers in congress?

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According to, a searchable database on the 110th congress...
Your database search matched 78 members of Congress, including:
  • 19 Senators and 58 Representatives
  • 78 Republicans

You searched for members of Congress who fulfill all the following criteria:
  • They are Republicans.
  • Their Professional experience includes "attorney".

I found another 3 under lawyer for a total of 81. By comparison there are 123 Democrats who listed attorney or lawyer as their profession.
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How many lawyers are in congress?

WAY too many. I believe the founding fathers attempted to keep lawyers out of Congress, but they weren't successful for long. That's an interesting comment considering that

How many congress members are Republicans?

There are 41 senators and 178 representatives from the republican party for a total of 219 congress members.\n. \n(

How many democratic lawyers in congress?

There are 218 Lawyers in the 111th Congress. Interestingly, in the Senate, there are 51 Democrat Lawyers. That is, 85% of the Democratic Senators are Lawyers.