How many sea shells did she sell?

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Not many, she gave up the trade to sew shirts for shipwrecked sailors.
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How many shells did she sell by the sea shore?

six difficult to find out, but i got the info from research... >how many shops she has by how many baskets peter piper fills up, and then divide it by how many pounds of wood
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What is she sells sea shells by the seas shore?

Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore is a alliteration in which thw same letter is used alot. In this case s to start a word. Another one is Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear Fuzzy Wu
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How many sea shells did sally sell at the sea shore?

Six and a half actually but now she is sold out. if you are looking to buy one, you may buy it at a pool instead of the sea shore, but sally only accepts cash so dont bring yo