How many seats does the Apollo Theater have?

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there are precically 4321 seats
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Why did they named a theater Apollo theater?

The Greek god, Apollo, is the god of music, singing, poetry, and other acting related things, so I suppose it was to subtlety ask him for luck when the actors performed, or th

Where is the Apollo theater?

The Apollo Theatre is in the West of London on Shaftesbury Avenue in Westminster. There is also a theatre called the Apollo Victoria Theatre which is the home of Wicked! th
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How many seats are in the midland theater?

If you speak of the Midland Theater in Kansas City, Missouri thenthe answer is too many. The seats are horrible, if you are tallerthan 5' you will NOT be comfortable since the
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Why are there so many theaters named Apollo?

Because the Greek god Apollo was the god of the Arts and the leaderof all the Muses. He is mostly considered to be the divine inspirerof music and poetry - which at the time a