How many sprite bottles sold in tamilnadu 2008?

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What was first substance to be sold in bottles?

By definition the answer must be nothing because the first personto sell bottles must have been a bottlemaker, and he would havesold the bottles to others, amongst whom must have been the firstperson to bottle anything for commercial sale.

How many cell phones were sold in 2008?

Last year an estimated 1.2 billion cell phones were sold, according to University of Southern Queensland data reported by the GSMA and, of which handsets accounted for between 50 and 80 per cent. That equates to between 51,000 and 82,000 tonnes of chargers.

How many Syllables are in sprite?

'Sprite' has one syllable. In English, a good rule of thumb is that there is one syllable per audible vowel sound. So in 'sprite', only the 'i' is audible. (The 'e' is silent, though it influences the pronunciation of the 'i'.) Rare exceptions to this are words like 'rhythm', which is pronounced (MORE)

How many millions in body jewelry sold 2008?

The count would not be correct. Body piercing is no a recognised industry as far as the chartered banks and lending firms are concerned so most of the figures would be out of whack because most shops wouldn't report sales to anyone out side of there business. As a Tattooist how much he makes and he (MORE)

How many gm cars sold in 2008?

According to the GM Official news release in January, GM Sold 2,980,688 cars in 2009. .

How many engineering colleges in TamilNadu having Mechatronics courses?

Top Colleges That Offer Mechatronics are 1.kumaraguru College of technology 2.kongu engineering college 3.maharaja Engineering College 4.Sri krishna college of engineering and technology 5.K.S.Rangasamy Collge of engineering and technology these are affiliated to Anna University Chennai and are NB (MORE)

How many top colleges for MBA in Tamilnadu?

Its one and only WLCI . wlc college is one of the best professional institutes in Tamil Nadu Wlc college offers MBA in marketing , human resource, finance . The institute also provides executive programmes in business economics Go to for more informati (MORE)

How many Macs sold in 2008?

According to Apple's SEC filing for 2008 worldwide sales of Macs in 2008 totaled 9,582,000 units of which just over 60% were laptops.

How many calories are in a vodka and diet sprite?

You're looking at roughly 100 calories per shot (1.5 fluid ounces) for the drink, all of which come from the vodka . Diet drinks have zero calories.. Incidentally, most normal 80 proof (40% alcohol) spirits have approximately 100 calories per shot. The calories come from the alcohol itself, so the (MORE)

Why green colour PET bottle is used for sprite?

Because Coloured liquid stay cold for longer than clear liquid.Thus to make the clear liquid optically coulored they use greenbottles. This is also valid for Mt. Dew bottles. I know a pet bottle preform suppliers named TAIZHOU DOUBLE WORLDPLASTIC&MOULD CO., LTD, Which is a best moulding materialserv (MORE)

How many bathtubs sold in US in 2008? They have all the history of bath tubs and how many in different years

How many bottle caps are sold in a year?

It depends on how many bottles there are, because usually bottles and bottle caps are made in the same company, so you don't really just buy bottle caps likes that.

How many branches of corporation bank in tamilnadu?

Corporation Bank has a total of 128 branches in Tamilnadu (Picked up this info from their website). They are: Chennai- George Town Vellore Salem-Shevapet Mettupalayam Coimbatore- Main Salem Town Madurai-Vengalakadai St Chennai- Mylapore Erode Palayamkottai Tirupur Pallipalayam Coimbatore-Velandipa (MORE)

How many carbohydrates are in sprite?

Typical Values Typical values per 100ml Energy: . 185kJ, 44kcal. Protein: . 0g. Carbohydrate: . 10.6g. Of which Sugars: . 10.6g. Fat: . 0g. Of which Saturates: . 0g. Fibre: . 0g. Sodium: . 0.02g.

How many sports bottles sold each year?

in statistics around 14 million 88 thousand just for football so all together it would be around 123 million 456 thousand 789 hundred and 2 lol what a guess

How many Indian states shares border with tamilnadu?

5 There are three Indian states that share a border with Tamil Nadu. They are Kerala, Andha Predish, and Karnataka. The population of Tamil Nadu is seventy two million, one hundred thirty eight thousand, and nine hundred fifty eight. It ranks the seventh largest state out of twenty eight.

How many Indian states share a border with tamilnadu?

THREE..... Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.... The state of India, Tamil Nadu, is located in the extreme south of the subcontinent. Three states share a border with Tamil Nadu: Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.