How many stars are there in the universe and how far away are they?

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How many times brighter will a star be than an identical star twice as far away?

Light intensity is one of those things ... along with gravitational force, electrostatic force, and radio-station strength ... that follows the "inverse square" law, meaning t

How far away is the edge of the universe?

At this point there is no edge of the universe, mostly due to thefact that the universe is expanding rapidly (moving outward). (Answer By William Hackman) I believe there is a

How far away is the next universe?

There is no firm evidence of there being another universe. There is conjecture that there may be parallel universes occupying the same space as ours, with the same objects as
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Why star far away to the sky?

In fact, what we call "sky" is our atmosphere whose blue colour is due to the concentration of gases, mainly oxygen of course, and the blue colour is due to the wavelenght tha

How far away are most stars?

Most stars are in other galaxies than ours (the Milky Way) and are billions of light-years away. The sun is the closest star, 93 million miles from Earth, and the next closest