How many stitches in a pair of Levi's jeans?

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It depends on the size and style.
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How many stitches do baseballs have?

Answer . Check out:\n. \nIt says there are 108 stitching holes.\nSo I think that mean half the amount of stitches: 54.. Answer . According to the Rawlings Sporting Goods website (FanZone link) their are 108 stitches. \n. \nThe site states that for about a quarter of a century Rawlings has been the exclusive supplier of official game balls for MLB.

Who made the first pair of jeans and when?

Levi Strauss(1829-1902) in 1873. He invented and patented it. He it invented for people would have comfortable working jeans. - John Williams Professor

What was the cost of a pair of jeans in 1992?

Answer . It really depends on the country we are talking about. We can`t copare the prices in United Kingdom to the ones in Bangladesh.

How many pairs of Vidal Sassoon jeans were made?

Vidal Sassoon is a hair stylist. You are probably thinking of ooh-la-la Sasson jeans (with only one o) that were popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's. . NOT SO!! I have a pair of Vidal Sassoon jeans myself! . Cris321

What is was the cost of a pair of jeans in 1957?

around 5.78 to 580. around 5.78 to 5.80 for an average pair of jeans in 1957...

What is the most expensive pair of jeans?

world record was set at $60,000 for a 155 year old pair of levis 501

Why are jeans called a pair?

In times gone by trousers were just two tubes of cloth which were drawn over the leg. naturally two legs made a pair, thus a pair of jeans. pretty logical really.

How do you make a pair of jeans waterproof?

There's a product called nikwax that can be used to waterproof about anything. If you have a snowboarding store around you you might be able to find it there or else you can find it online. That's the best product I know for waterproofing.

How did Levi's Jeans affect the economy?

Levi Strauss was going to make a tent out of denim. then he ended up make denim pants now known as jeans.

How many kinds of stitches?

There are many different types of sewing, and each has different stitches. When sewing fabrics together for clothing, you would use Straight Stitch, Overcast Stitch, Hem Stitch, Zig Zag Stitch, and Overlock Stitch. There are several variations on these also. For cross stitch projects, the main stitch is Cross Stitch, but there are also Half Cross, Vertical Cross, quarter cross, and some others. For needlepoint there are hundreds of stitches. some of the main ones include outline stitch, continental stitch, satin stitch, and enough other stitches to fill a complete stitch dictionary: Here is a list of some of the more common types of embroidery stitches, with many variations in each category; Straight stitches, back stitches, chain stitches, buttonhole stitches, feather stitches, cross stitches, knotted stitches, and couching stitches. In Knitting there are just two basic stitches - knit and purl - but they can be employed in many different ways, and instructions for knitting also contain many other terms, such as yarn-over. In Crochet there are also just a few basic stitches, but many variations.

Why Levi's jeans can sell so expensive?

because your paying for the name i hate paying a lot of money for levis try another brand like Urban Pipelin or Bull head

How many pairs of jeans does the average US teenager girl own?

Well in New Jersey its about 6.. If you wear them often then you should have five or six but if you have a lot of other pairs of pants then only three or four but no less then two pairs of jeans.

What movies have people wearing Levi's jeans?

First Blood (1982) Beverly Hills Cop parts I and II (1984, 1987): Axel F in 501s. Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982): Sean Penn & surfer dudes in faded STFs. Top Gun (1986): Cruise in 501s. The Goonies (1985): Sean Astin in Levi's Jeans and jacket Back To The Future (1985) Red Dawn (1984) The Hitcher (1986) The Outsiders (1983)

How many double stitches on a baseball?

There are 108 double stiches on a baseball. The first and last stitches are hidden. It is stiched by hand, with red wax string~

How many lilo and stitch movies are there?

There are five Lilo and Stitch movies. No, there are four movies (and a TV series): 1. Lilo and Stitch 2. Stitch has a Glitch 3. Stitch the Movie 4. Leroy and Stitch

What is considered a pair of jeans?

A pair of jeans, though called "a pair", is really only one article of clothing.

What was the cost of a pair of blue jeans?

I get cheap ones for £4. They're actually pretty good and it doesn't matter if I mess up ripping them.

What was Levi's Strauss job before he invented jeans?

I think he worked in the mines, but you may want to verify the claim.

The price of a pair of jeans in 2005?

It dapends on what kind of jeans they are but just a reg pair would be $20

You got a sewing machine a while ago and just opened it so that you could hem up a pair of jeans you threaded it and your stitches are pulling right out What are you doing wrong?

Have you made sure the bobbin hasn't run out? If the stitches are pulling out then the most commen problem is that there isn't a bobbin in the machine or the bobbin has run out of thread or the bobbin isn't threaded properly. Good luck!

Who much is a pair of jeans?

It depends which brand you want and where you get them. They can be very cheap to rather expensive.

Why levi's doesn't make relaxed silvertab jeans anymore?

Because they think everyone wears skinny jeans even 35 year old men who are 230 lbs.

Does the stitching make them jeans?

The stitching is part of it, I think, but primarily I think it's the fabric, the denim.

What jeans are skinnier Levi's 510 or Levi's 511?

510's are the skinniest but if you want your jeans even tighter try the new curve IDs or their jeggings on the woman floor

What color is my pair of jeans?

if you have a taste in style, your jeans would be blue.. any other color of JEANS is just.... not pretty :)

Can you return a pair of jeans to Macy's?

Of course you can, under these circumstances: . The jeans cannot be dirty . The jeans have to be NEW (never worn before) . The jeans must still have the tags on . Bring the receipt By the way, it always helps to 'kiss up' a little to the cashier.

Where to buy cheap Levi's super skinny jeans for boys?

In Tilly's you can get them for 29.99. In zumiez you can get them for 44.99

You purchased some Levi's jeans in 2008 can you exchange them for a smaller size now?

hahah um no. there should be like a certain policy on that, just check your receipt it should tell you

How many stitches are on a base ball?

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball which some people call 216 stitches. The first and last stitches are completely hidden. They are sewn by hand, using 88 inches of waxed red thread.

How many types of sewing stitches are there?

There are plenty types of sewing stitches such as: Back Stitch, Overstitch, Gathering Stitch, Zigzag, Busting Stitch, Standard Stitch and many more. .

How many yards are in a pair of jeans?

about 1 and 1/4, if the fabric is 59/60" wide about 3 and 1/4 if you use selvedge denim - 31" wide

Are Levi's 514 jeans low waist?

from levi's website Slim Straight 514™ Jeans Style #04514 Our universal slim fit never feels too snug or looks too baggy. One of our lowest rises, it has straight-leg style that fits close through the seat and thigh. This pair of Levi's® Jeans is part of our program that minimizes water in the finishing process. Country Of Origin: Imported WAIST: Sits below waist, 9 3/4" inseam FIT: Slim Fit LEG: Straight, 17" Leg opening

What is the life cycle of a pair of jeans?

For children (and I actually saw this somewhere) clothes have a life cycle of about a year. If they still fit and they should (unless clothes are tailored) they would probably last a bit longer. For adults, probably a few years. Unless you get the really expensive ones that don't wear and fade quickly.

What is the unique selling proposition of Levi's jeans?

"cut with grace to stand out"; superior fit; unparalleled performance"; in general in my opinion the Levis site is going for upscale wholesome American, probably to appeal to the aspirational middle class. There's a focus on the idea of quality--how the jeans are cut, how they will keep up with your skateboarding. There's also a very traditionally cut checked dress on the front page of the website, which is the only thing on any of the websites that "got" me personally at a qualitative level--again fitting with my hypothesis that they're basically going for the remnants of the Middle Class

Why would someone in the gold rush want to buy Levi's jeans?

The denim material was very sturdy and well made. The addition of rivets on the corners of the pockets made them great for carrying ore samples.

When did Levi's release the 551 jeans?

The Levi Strauss company is one of the most noteworthy in the clothing world in terms of its production and manufacturing of denim jeans. While the 501 label is their most notable brand, the 551 jeans were released to the public in the early 1990's.

Where can one buy Levi's 510 jeans?

There are several places a person could buy Levi's 510 jeans. One can check at Macy's, JC Penneys, Sears, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Kohls, Zappos, Great Denim and more.

Where can one find Levi's 225 jeans?

Levi's 225 jeans do not appear to be sold today. Levi's offers 501 and 505 styles in many department stores and clothing retailers. If Levi's 225 jeans are a vintage item, they may be found at secondhand stores or vintage clothing retailers.

Where can one purchase Levi's women's jeans?

Levi's jeans are widely available for both men and women. One can find women's Levi jeans at stores such as Sears, The Bay, Kohl's, Macy's, JC Penney and also at Target.

Where can one go to purchase Levi's brand jeans?

There are many places one might go to purchase Levi brand jeans. In addition to a national retailer such as Kohl's or JcPenney, one might also try purchasing on the official brand website.

How can one purchase Levi's 505 jeans online?

The best way to purchase a pair of Levi's 505 jeans online would be via Amazon, Style36 or just jeans. They offer original Levi's jeans and not cheap imitations.

Where could one purchase Levi's 512 jeans?

Original Levi's 512 can be purchased from many online and offline retailers such as Macy's, Sears, Zappos and Amazon. Ebay has a wide selection of both used and brand-new jeans, but cheap replicas are very common, so if you are looking for the original pair it's better to choose reputable retailer.

From which shops can one buy Levi's jeans in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, one can purchase Levi's jeans at Levi's stores in the UK. There are also many clothing stores in the UK that carry Levi's jeans.

Where can one buy Levi's Silvertab jeans?

One can buy Levi's Silvertab jeans from many stores and online retailers. They are available to buy from Macy's, eBay, Amazon, Nordstrom, JC Penny and the Levi online store.

What are the sizes available for Levi's 504 jeans?

Levi's 504 jeans are available in many sizes both in the waist and length. Men's waist sizes include from size 28 to size 44. The length of men's Levi's 504 jeans range from 29 inches to 40 inches.

Where can one purchase Levi's 510 jeans?

Levi's 510 jeans can be purchased at many shops on the internet, e.g. eBay, Amazon and Zalando. You can also buy a Levi's 510 jeans in a local jeans store in your city.

Where can one get a pair of Levi's online?

A person can get a pair of Levi's online from several different places. Some of these places include Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Macy's, Sears, and Zar Clothing.

Where could one go to try on Levi's skinny jeans?

Levi's is a popular brand of denim wear. One can try on and purchase Levi's skinny jeans at the Levi's store. Other stores such as Bootlegger, Macy's, Kohl's and Sears all carry Levi's jeans as well.

How many pairs of jeans are there in the world?

Approximately 5030028771. This is taken by each person having anaverage of 0.7 pairs of jeans, and there being 7,185,755,500 peoplein the world.

How can i find information about a very rare style of vintage Levi's jeans?

The best way to find out information about a rare style of vintageLevi's jeans is to contact the Levi's company through theirwebsite. They are very helpful in answering questions.