How many times are newborns given the apgar?

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Twice. Once at 1 minute and once at 5 minutes after birth.
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Why is vitamin k is given to a newborn?

The infants stomach/intestines are considered sterile and do not contain the natural flora that is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin K, which helps with the clotting fa

How many times do bath a newborn baby?

You'll want to stick to sponge baths with a lukewarm washcloth for the first week or so, until your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off and the area heals. After that you

How many vaccines are given to a newborn?

It depends on what you are considering a newborn. Before the baby leaves the hospital they are given a shot of Vitamin K to promote blood clotting and a shot to protect agains

When can a newborn kitten be given as a pet?

Answer: When they are about 7 - 7 1/2 weeks old. Answer: The general consensus is usually 7-8 weeks old. However, more and more cat owners say you should not take a kitte

How many times a year do newborn babies go to the doctor?

well a newborn baby should go to the doctor because the baby needs to be tested for any type of problems that may have occureed in the procces of the women giveing birth , and
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How many APGAR points are given to a baby that is born pink?

An APGAR score is an evaluation of a baby condition at birth. It is judged in 5 categories (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace Activity, Respiration) from 0-2 points each. In the Ap