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How many tons of coal were burned each day on the titanic?

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690 tons.
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How does the burning of coal contribute to the greenhouse effect?

Increases in greenhouse gases are causing our planet to trap more heat and thereby warm up. CO2 is one of the primary greenhouse gases, by quantity. Additional atmospheric CO2

How much coal does the United States use?

Coal production statistics from the US Department of Energy indicate that in 2007, the US produced (and presumably burned) 1.146 billion tons of coal. China produces and burns

What was the Titanic powered by?

Titanic was powered by coal. Not just any coal, since the coal miners were striking at the time of her maiden voyage, the owner of the ship took coal out of their other ships
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How many lifeboats were the titanic meant to carry?

Titanic could hold 46,000 tons of weight. Lifeboats don't way more then a few hundred pounds. If Titanic had 75 lifeboats, each one carrying 40 people, then 3000 people could