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So far in the world there are 4956 different types of dances in the world but, it has been realised that there should be more dance types in the future and something this may mean that several dances could be joined together to make a single new style of grooving
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What are types of dances in the world?

List of dances in the world A-Z Allemande (historical, court, baroque) An dro or "En dro" (Brittany, in-round traditional dance) Antikrystos (Greece), face-to-face tradi

How many types of dances are there?

There can be LOTS of different types of dances. Some people make their own, and some practice things like ballroom, tango etc.

How many different types of dance are there?

There must be loads of different types of dance balletmodernstreet dancetapjassball room dancingthe salsahip hopcountry and westernsalsa But all are based on ballet If you ar

How many types of tap dancing are there?

There are many different types depending on what you are performing in. American tap dancing is all abount the sound and more rythmic beating where as in England, we have for
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How many dance types are ther?

there is a lot of types of dancing. jazz, ballet, tap, show group, acro, hip hop, ballroom, belly, group, contra, Irish, line, and   A   Acro danceAllemandeArkan (Ukra