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one unless you believe in the multiverse
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How many universes are there?

There is insufficient information at this time to answer this  question; many varying and conflicting theories and hypotheses  exist, however, many of these even vary among

How many earths is it in the universe?

The actual number of planets similar to the earth will likely never  be known. The universe is simply too vast. However, it is likely  that there are millions of similar pla

How many universe are there?

Perhaps one, perhaps many. Anything you hear about other universes is just speculation for now.

How many universities are in Morocco?

According to Wikipedia, Morocco has over 48 univerities and similar  institutions of higher learning. However, the degrees from most of  these insitutions are not recognized

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation

How many universes are postulated by string theory?

Eleven dimensions have been postulated, mathematically, by string theorists. Multiple universes have been postulated to be probable, even highly likely - even an infinite numb
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How many universes are there according to the Multiverse Theory?

According the the Multiverse Theory, our universe exists as a bubble among a plane of countless other universes, though that's not the limit to how many there are. This plane,
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How many universes are in the multiverse?

the universe is very big 1 planet earth 1.3 million earths can fit in the sun thouseds of suns fit in the solar system and there are over 400 billion solar systems in our gala

How many university titles begin with University of?

There are approximately 201 universities with "university of" in the title in the United States. In the United Kingdom and Germany there are approximately 93 and 135, respecti