How many watts does a dishwasher use?

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Computers use how many watts?

it depends on the computer or laptop taken into consideration it could vary from laptops using 50watts to computers using300+watts the one I'm using know states 90watts but th

How many watts does a garage use?

Let's start with a typical 110 VAC service. You probably have 20 amp breakers in the service in the garage, and with at least 2 breakers, we have some idea of the theoretical

How many watts does a straightener use?

It depends on which brand of straightener it is and what setting it's on. If the straighting iron is on the setting of 15, it will use more power than if it's on 1.

How many watts does a light use?

Electric lights that use from 0.02 watts to 50,000 watts have been manufactured. The CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and incandescent bulbs in your house probably operate in the