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How many watts does an average dishwasher use?

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An average dishwasher uses about 1,200 watts.
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How many watts does an average Television use?

this answer was found concerning computer requirements, but the equation used at the end will produce the same results for whichever type of electronics you're trying to guage

Average water use for dishwasher?

About 10 gallons per regular wash.

How many watts does an average home use per day?

I think maybe he was asking about the following... I say that there is no such thing as watts per day. This is like saying how many "rates at which i use energy do i use a

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You don't 'use' watts and, therefore, you cannot accumulate 'watts' over time. A watt is used to measure power, and power is simply the rate at which you use energy. So your q

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Typical for a normal average stove: 2000 watts for the oven andeach of the large rings, 1500 watts for each of the small rings andthe grill. These are the max values, but whe

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The exact watts used will depend on the type of MP3 player you are asking about. Unfortunately, most portable players specify their power consumption in terms of "up to X hour