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How many ways can you pronounce coupon?

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it can be pronounced two different ways.
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How many coupons go unused in a year?

  According to Susan Sumtur's article in her refundle bundle magazine:   "Of the over $70 billion of coupon saving offered by manufacturers each year, only $4.5 billion

How many different ways can you pronounce ough?

What sequence of letters has the most different pronunciations?That prize goes to -ough. Say these words: bough, rough, through, cough, dough. You will see that not one of the

What is the correct way to say coupon?

cue-pon which will sound like cute and pawn together cute pawn lika girl u cute lets pawl that negulas Do you say cougar - Q-gar or Koo-gar? Coupon is pronounced "koo"-pon

What is the right way to pronounce 'tangy'?

like a j. Answer . I don't see 'j' even as an alternate pronunciation, although that doesn't necessarily exclude it. The usual way to pronounce the word is with the 'ng' s

How many Subway coupons are available online?

Technically speaking, there are hundreds of subway coupons available online. Finding one that is still valid is the trick. I get subway coupons in the mail every two weeks so,
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What is the proper way to pronounce relleno?

It depends on where you're from. It's common in most of Spain to pronounce "ll" identically with"y". Other dialects pronounce it as an English speaker would a Z, or SH,or ev