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How many wives did Albert Einstein have?

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He had Two wives. First he married Mileva Maric who bore him three children. After divorcing her, Einstein married his own cousin, Elsa Lowenthal Einstein. Ever since the marriage between Elsa and Albert, they have been together until death.
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How many kids did Albert Einstein have?

According to Wikipedia, "Einstein and Marić had two sons and a daughter. Their daughter Lieserl, born before their marriage, is variously said to have been given up for adopt

How many wives did king albert have?

Who, precisely, is "King Albert"? You need to be more specific: which Albert of what country?

Does Albert Einstein have 2 wives?

first Albert Einstein married Maric Maric but then they divorced so then Albert married to his cousin elsa Lowenthal     so yes he does have 2 wives

How many daughters did Albert Einstein have?

Apparently only one, and her life story has never been authoritatively established. Lieserl Einstein was the first child of Albert Einstein, born to his first wife in 1902 p

How many wives has albert Einstein had?

Einstein's women Einstein may not have cheated Mileva of her intellectual rights, but he was still far from the ideal husband. A year before they married, Maric gave birth to