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How many words are there in Moby Dick?

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There is 212,758 words in Moby Dick.
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What are the conflicts in Moby-Dick?

The conflict as I see in it are the devils and the demons that plague his revenge against the whale and his conscience to save his crew. Metaphorically I believe he toils with

In Moby Dick does ahab die?

Yes. Ahab throws a harpoon into Moby Dick but a coil of rope  attached to the harpoon catches his neck and he is subsequently  drowned. The Pequod is destroyed along with al

Setting of the book Moby Dick?

The setting of the book Moby Dick is Manhattan to New Bedford then  Nantucket in Massachusetts. After setting sail from Nantucket, the  Pequod travels across the atlantic, a

Is Moby Dick deadly?

I have not exactly read the book but from the description yes, destroying huge ships killing people I would regard him as extremly dangerous.

Who was queequeg in Moby Dick?

Queequeg is Ishmael's friend. He is from a royal family on a canibal island. He is the best harpooneer and carriers it every where with him. He also worships the black wooden