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How many words are there in Moby Dick?

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There is 212,758 words in Moby Dick.
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How many words is Moby Dick?

If you count hyphenated words as one word, the number or words in Moby Dick is 212,758

What is the first word in Moby Dick?

This may be a trick question. The very famous first line of Chapter 1 is "Call me Ishmael." But Melville wrote two chapters that come before that--the first is called "Etymo

Does Moby Dick live or die at the end of Moby Dick?

Moby Dick lives, at least in the novel, so I would also say he lives in the film. At the end of the book, Ahab has the chance to throw only one harpoon into Moby Dick, and it

How many times has Ahab meet Moby Dick?

twice at first moby dick ate his leg that's why he is trying to get revenge,then he they spotted moby dick and went after him ahab was kiliing him with his harpoon but her dro

Why is the word Dick in the name Moby Dick?

Moby Dick was wrote in the mid 19th century by Herman Melville. During those times the word "dick" was not seen as vulgar or a word used to describe the male genitalia. Thus t