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How many years is in three decades?

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a decade is ten years so 3 of them would be thirty(30) years. thirty
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30 years how many decades?

A decade consists of ten years, so thirty years is three decades.

How many decades are in a year?

One decade is 10 years so 0.1 decade is one year. ten year is said to be a decade.

How many years in half a decade?

5 years. A decade means 10 years, so to find out how many years are  in half of a decade you would simply divide 10 by 2, which is 5.

How many years in a decade?

There are 10 years in a decade. It comes from the Greek word for  "ten."

How many decades is 90 years?

well Dec means ten and if there is 90 years there is 10x9 which is 90 so there is 9 decades in 90years... simples how old are you¿ none of your business i luv u ca