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How much are 1992 Elvis Presley stamps worth?

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Scott Number 2721

Can be purchased for $1.50 mint and .20 used.

Dealers seldom buy single stamps. Sheets of mint stamps are purchased at 80% of face value and often used for postage, a 20% profit. Given the collect ability of the stamp subject, I would guess that you could sell the stamps in quantity for a little above face value.

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How much is an Elvis Presley stamp collection 1993 worth?

Scott Number 2721, 2724, and 2731 The stamps themselves in used condition are available for about 20 cents. If it includes Elvis stamps from other countires, it will be wort

How much is a 1993 plate block Elvis Presley stamps worth?

Scott Number 2721, 2724, and 2731 Plate blocks show a value of about 3 dollars. The stamps themselves in used condition are available for about 20 cents. Unused or mint, t

How much is one 1993 Elvis Presley stamp worth?

Not even the first day covers are worth that much due to there being millions of them being sold. Interesting items that will probably fetch more on eBay than at a philateli

How much is a 1977 Elvis Presley stamp worth?

There is no 1977 Elvis Presley stamp. There was a stamp that was released in the US on First day of issue: January 8, 1993. It was a 29 cent stamp. There was so many purchased

How much are unused Elvis Presley postage stamps worth?

The value of an unused Elvis Presley postage stamp would depend on the year it was released and the demand for it. The current value of the 29 cent Elvis Presley stamp is appr

How much are Elvis Presley 1st day canceled stamps worth?

Elvis Presley's stamp is Scott Catalog #2721 and was issued Jan. 8, 1993 at Memphis, Tenn. as a 'First Day Cover'. It is worth $2.00 as a AM cancellation from Memphis, Tenn. A