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How much corn is used to make a box of corn flakes?

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I know a bushel of corn = 56lbs. However. that 56 lbs needs to be milled and what % of the original 56 lbs is used for a finisheds product I do not know.

There are 12.9 ounces of milled corn in an 18 oz box of corn flakes, so there would be roughly 69 boxes (18 oz boxes) in a bushel of corn....incidentally that is also how many loaves of bread (1 lb loaves) in a bushel of wheat....
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How do they make corn flakes?

It is a long process, but the short of it is pretty simple. 1) combine ingredients into a wet paste like substance. 2) cut into pieces. 3) bake.

What corn is used to make pop corn?

Popcorn. It's just another type of corn, along with field corn, sweet corn, waxy corn, flint corn, and others. It's been bred specifically for popping with a tough pericarp an

Dale Earnhardt box of corn flakes worth?

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How many calories in a box of Kellogg's corn flakes?

In a 750g box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, there are approximately 2750 calories (kcals). This number is obtained by considering the nutritional value of one serving, according t