How much corn is used to make a box of corn flakes?

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I know a bushel of corn = 56lbs. However. that 56 lbs needs to be milled and what % of the original 56 lbs is used for a finisheds product I do not know.

There are 12.9 ounces of milled corn in an 18 oz box of corn flakes, so there would be roughly 69 boxes (18 oz boxes) in a bushel of corn....incidentally that is also how many loaves of bread (1 lb loaves) in a bushel of wheat....
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How do they make corn flakes?

It is a long process, but the short of it is pretty simple. 1) combine ingredients into a wet paste like substance. 2) cut into pieces. 3) bake.

What are corn flakes?

Corn flakes are flakes of corn. It is a breakfast cereal which iswidely popular over the world. It may have added vitamins andminerals.